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IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese ビックリアップル
Romanized Bikkuri Appuru
English Stun Apple
Aliases Human Face Apple
IGO Icon 2.png Statistics IGO Icon 2.png
Type Fruit
Capture Level Variable (see: Surprise Level)
Location Battle Island
Surprise Island
Height 18cm
Weight 150g
Mushroom.png Debut Appearance Sushi.png
Manga Gourmet 146
Anime Episode 73
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Surprise Apples (ビックリアップル) are a type of apparently sentient apples with humanoid faces that become tastier the more surprised they are. They are also called "Human Face Apples" because of the face on the fruit.


The Surprise Apples of Surprise Island.

It originally grew on Battle Island, but the IGO had recently brought back some seeds and artificially cultivated them on Surprise Island where the trees only grow the fruit around once a year and cultivators continually set off explosives to make the apples tasty. The level of surprise is measured with the surprise level and every year around the time the trees bare fruit, a festival is held in which people and hunters can come to the island and attempt to surprise and capture their own apples.

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A Surprise Apple mocking Komatsu.

They are unique in that they appear to be living fruit that (as their name indicates) are quite cowardly and get surprised over anything that is not obviously weak and harmless. They seem to posses some level of sentience and self-awareness, clearly having a personality and level of intelligence of their own, although they don't talk aside from the occasional horrified screeching. This was somewhat shown by the fact that one could be extremely bored (Teppei's Apple) or laughing at someone (Komatsu's Apple). They also appear to understand humans, or at least tell what their intentions are as shown when one was scared by Tsurara Mama's verbal threats.


Surprise Apple slices with Sherbet Apple.

These apples don't reach the market often due to their rarity and the difficulty of surprising them to a valuable level. While the taste does improve the more surprised they are, sometimes the taste of the apple is a little bit sour. Surprise Apples can also be eaten with Sherbet Apple poured over them to enhance their sweetness.


Toriko's Break Arc[]

Surprise Apple Festival[]

On the day of the Surprise Apple Festival, Toriko, Komatsu, Terry Cloth and Tom sailed off for Surprise Island to harvest Surprise Apples. When they arrived on the island, Toriko explained to Komatsu the basics of scaring the apples and increasing their Surprise Level, they then began scaring as many apples as they could with several methods such as Toriko using an Amplifier Stone and his Nail Punch, while Terry intimidated one into submission, meanwhile Komatsu failed miserably as his Surprise Apple actually mocked him. They also witnessed Tsurara Mama scare a Surprise Apple with nothing but threats. They also met Gourmet Seven member Apollon who told them that only the likes of Ichiryu, Jiro and Midora were the only ones to ever scare a Surprise Apple to levels above 90. By the end of the festival, Zongeh was declared the winner having scared his apples to level 80 by farting on them.

In the anime, Teppei, Rin and Yun also participated and scared their apples in their own ways. Tina also broadcasted the event.

Yocchi's Sale[]

After the events of the Surprise Apple Festival, Toriko had brought with him numerous Surprise Apples to use as part of his offer to purchase a small plot of land from an old bishokuya named Yocchi. In the end, despite the higher offers he received, Yocchi accepted Toriko's Surprise Apple offer and Komatsu's 1,000,000 yen, stating that he only wanted to sell the land to kind people who loved food and would take care of his pet Meeko when he died.

GOD Arc[]

Rainbow Fruit Jelly

During Toriko's and Rin's wedding, small pieces of the Surprise Apple was added into the Rainbow Fruit jelly along with Bubble Fruit and Dodurian Bomb.


  • Surprise Apple Created by Fukuoka Prefecture Yuuto Morimoto.