Mushroom  Surprise Scallop Saute  Sushi
Surprise Scallop Saute Eps 44
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Type Sautéed Mollusk
Capture Level Unknown
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Episode 44
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Surprise Scallop Saute is a special dish served at Hotel Gourmet. It is a specialty meal made from scallop meat that has been sautéed. It is one of the many menu items prepared by Chef Komatsu.


Ozone Herb ArcEdit

In the anime, before Toriko went to visit Ichiryu at his private residence, he payed a visit to Hotel Gourmet to have a meal and pick up an order of Rainbow Fruit Wine he requested from Komatsu. For his meal, Toriko ordered a bowl of Century Soup along with some Surprise Scallop Saute and Oyster Cheese Pasta.

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