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Japanese 沼ウツボ
Romanized Numa Utsubo
English Swamp Moray Eel
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Type Fish
Capture Level 18
Length 29m
Weight 7.5t
Price 100g / 4,900 yen
Diet Carnivorous (Mad Dragon)
Habitat Swamp of Antiquity (1st Biotope)
Rich swamps
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 37
Anime Episode 10
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The Swamp Moray Eel (沼ウツボ Numa Utsubo) is a large carnivorous eel fish beast found in an area known as the Swamp of Antiquity located in the 1st Biotope. It is a massive creature whose diet seems to consists of Mad Dragons. The Swamp Moray Eel is also part of the Eight-Headed Snail's diet in the manga and in the anime it is part of the Snake Leech's diet. This eel-like creature lives in swamps and utilizes its long neck and sharp fangs to snatch prey from the land and sky. It's the biggest baddie in your typical swamp, but in the prehistoric marsh, it's actually one of the lowest animals on the food chain.


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