Swamp of Antiquity
Swamp of Antiquity
Japanese いにしえの沼地
Romanized Inishie no numachi
Location Regal Island (Human World)
Affiliation Numerous beasts
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 37
Anime Episode 11
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The Swamp of Antiquity, also known as the "Food Museum", is an ancient swamp in the 1st Biotope which has remained unchanged for countless centuries and houses numerous prehistoric creatures.



The terrain and deadly fauna of the swamp.

The Swamp of Antiquity is a vast wetland filled with murky gray waters and ancient weak-looking trees growing within the waters that can be seen on the surface. The bit of land that exists in this region is mostly barren and rocky and devoid of much plant life. The waters beneath however house a vast variety of animals and plants from prehistoric times that were presumed to have gone extinct long ago. The skies above the swamp are also cloudy and gray but filled with a number of dangerous dragon beasts.


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A Swamp Moray Eel eating a Mad Dragon, an example of the swamp's harsh food chain.

The beasts of this swamp are all dangerous and voracious creatures who are constantly eating one another and asserting their positions in the swamp's food chain.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

After Sunny and Komatsu left the Mushroom Woods, they passed through the Swamp of Antiquity in hopes of reaching the Regal Plateau faster and reuniting with the rest of their group. Upon arriving here, Komatsu became horrified at the many savage beasts eating each other in the water. When they reached the other side, Sunny saw the corpse of a mutilated beast which had been mercilessly killed by a member of the Gourmet Corp., a sight which greatly repulsed and angered him due to their vile cruelty.

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