Mushroom  Sweets Coral  Sushi
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Japanese スウィーツサンゴ
Romanized Suwītsusango
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Type Cnidarian
Capture Level Below 1
Location Near beaches
Height 1-2m
Price 200g branch / 750 yen
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 100
Episode 41
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Sweets Coral (スウィーツサンゴ Suwītsusango) is a coral confined to clear, shallow waters. It is crunchy and tastes super sweet. Pieces of Sweet Coral are considered works of art, and are also a popular snack food among celebrities. It's a good source of vitamin B.


  • Data of the Sweets Coral on the Gourmet Stick
  • Decoratively re-designed Sweets Coral
  • Sweets Coral (manga)


  • It is the work of a Yasushi Yamamoto from Niigata.
    • The Sweets Coral's creator also created the Furnip.

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