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Sword Horn
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Japanese ソードホーン
Romanized Sōdohōn
Aliases White Devil
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 70
Diet Omnivorous
Habitat Death Season Forest
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 86
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Sword Horns are gigantic reindeer-like mammal beasts with sharp antlers made of metal. They reside in the treacherous Death Season Forest and mainly come out during the "Calm" of the Freeze season.


Sword Horn full view

Full view of a Sword Horn.

Sword Horns are giant reindeer-like creatures that easily tower over humans and other animals around during the Freeze season. They have a thick white fur coat that greatly suits their snowy environment. They have large cloven hooves, pupil-less blue eyes, sharp teeth, a large black nose, and most notably their massive antlers which are made out of some unknown metallic material that appears to be quite durable and incredibly sharp, making them resemble swords, hence the likely origin of the Sword Horns' name.


Sword Horns

A Sword Horn pack.

Sword Horns are very aggressive and omnivorous beasts that upon awakening from hibernation will immediately seek out potential prey to make it their meal or fight other creatures for whatever food they may have. They mainly hunt in packs, showing that they are quite social and cooperative with one another. If a single Sword Horn is in a dilemma, others will soon come to back it up. They are quite daring, willing to take on the likes of three of the Four Heavenly Kings without signs of wary. This is likely due to their position as the second strongest beasts in Death Season Forest after the Magma Tortoise, thus fear is likely not a concept which they recognize.

Oddly enough, Sword Horns apparently do have a more gentle side that can be brought about by seeing luminous and colorful lights such as the ones created by a Sweet Dew Tree and a Macarock crafted into the shape of a star. Seeing this causes Sword Horns to become docile and jovial, even ceasing to attack their prey and trying to steal their prey's food, and even if they are tempted to eat the food they will allow the prey to take it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sword horn ice attack

Sword Horns shooting sharp projectiles from their antlers.

Sword Horns are quite powerful, and according to Love they are the second strongest beasts in Death Season Forest and even the Magma Tortoise will try to avoid a fight against a pack of them. As such the Sword Horn is marked as a Capture Level 70 beast. Even one lone Sword Horn can hold its own against three of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Sword Horns can use their sharp metal antlers like actual blades to cut opponents and binding restraints to pieces. Sword Horns are also capable of shooting small remnants of their horns towards opponents like projectiles, and these remnants are just as hard and sword like as the rest of their antlers, and are able to break apart Toriko's Fork Shield easily. They are also quite fast and agile and can
Sword Horn freezing breath

The Sword Horn's freezing breath.

work well together in packs to outnumber and outmaneuver potential prey and opponents.

Sword Horns also posses the ability to exhale freezing cold breath from their mouths that can instantly freeze liquid substances such as poison in an instant and release with enough force that it resembles a burst of cold wind, showing that they naturally posses an incredible lung capacity and the ability to lower their own body temperatures to very low levels without any serious side effects. This is further proven by their ability to survive in Death Season Forest's Freeze season without difficulty.


Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

After chief Johannes and Gourmet Seven member Patch got lost in Death Season Forest while searching for the Sweet Dew Tree that only appears during the Freeze season's Calm, Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Rin (along with Komatsu) were called in by warden Love to find them before the Sword Horns awakened from their hibernation. They eventually managed to find the two and the Sweet Dew Tree, but before collecting it they had to locate several ingredients to satisfy Patch's desire for a perfect Sweet Dew Tree. After almost a full day of searching and preparation, they almost completed in turning the Sweet Dew Tree into an edible Christmas tree, however its aroma attracted the attention of a recently awoken Sword Horn, and the group managed to hold it off at first until more of its kind appeared to aid it, proving to be a difficult fight against so many high capture level beasts, but while they were certain they could drive them off, it would prove to be a lengthy fight which would result in the Freeze season's blizzard starting again before they could finish driving them off. With this Komatsu becomes determined to finish the tree whilst they fight in hopes that they can leave with it in time.

The Sword Horns become soothed by the light of the Sweet Dew Tree.

However by the time Komatsu finishes cutting the Macarock into a star shape for the tree's top, it begins to release an ethereal glow that miraculously soothes the Sword Horns and makes them stop their vicious attack as they and every person and beast there becomes entranced by the "star's" light. As the storm is approaching, Toriko and the others prepare to eat the tree and share some with the tamed Sword Horns, however Patch stops them from doing so as the tree is to be used in the Christmas food distribution to the poor nations of the world.



  • It's name could be based on a pun, since in japanese "Sword Horn" literally translates to "Kenkaku" (剣角), which normally means "Sword Edge".

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