Tack Post-timeskip


Japanese タック
Romanized Takku
English Tack
Race Human (Goro Tribe)
Gender Male Male
Birthday August 2nd
Age 42
Status Alive
Height 260 cm
Weight 300 kg
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO,
Biotope 0,
Goro Tribe
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 192
Anime Episode 111
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Tack (タック Takku) is a warrior of the Goro Tribe and a member of Biotope 0.


Tack color

Tack's color scheme

He resemble a Native American due to his headdress and facial paint. One noticeable feature is his long earlobes. After two years he has taken to using a walking stick.

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Not much is known about his personality yet. He seems to follow some kind of honor code regarding fighting, as he stated that "fighting over food is foolish"; however, he is well aware of the threat posed by the Gourmet Corp.. Although seeming very collected, he shouted a war cry together with the rest of the Biotope.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Not much is known about his powers, but it is assumed that he is strong because he is a chosen fighter of his tribe, can enter the Gourmet World and was selected as a member of Biotope 0. Since he is often seen carrying a spear, it is likely he can wield it proficiently.

Like the other members of the Goro Tribe, Tack is a Gourmet Shaman, one who can converse with Food Spirits. This is a particularly useful ability to collect information.


Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

He and the other members of Biotope 0 are called to a meeting by Ichiryu. He is shocked upon hearing that somebody of the organization leaked the information about CENTER. Later, when Ichiryu prospects a war, he shows his reticence in fighting over food, but claims that they cannot allow the Gourmet Corp. to win.[1]

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Tack, Love and Rala reach Sector C, Stardust River, to attain Acacia's Fish Dish, ANOTHER. The prison warden expresses amazement at the beauty of the environment, but Kuromado's arrival and the presence of some tamed Nitro surprises them. The Head Chef affirms they will not get to see another scenery like that and will soon be gazing at Sanzu River.[2]


As Kuriboh, Chin Chinchin, and Chiyo explore the streets of Blue Grill, they come across Warden Love, who, much to their shock, is wearing an unusual mask and carrying a sinister disposition. Chin wonders if this truly is Love. Before they could speak to her, Tack, who was hiding in an alleyway, calls out to them and tells them to follow him.[3] At Tack's home, he explains about his tribe being able to summon Food Spirits and is able to confirm that Love's and Rala's souls were taken away due to the Soul Trade. He goes on to explain that the possessed wear masks because spirits are unable to handle brightness since the World of Souls has no light source there. Kuriboh voices his concerns about the "project" that the citizens are even trading their souls to complete, and Tack reveals his plan to participate in the project.[4]

After ANOTHER is prepared and Don Slime is revived, he travels to the surface with the others.[5] Afterwards he is part of the group that takes the Magneticlam to return to the Human World with ANOTHER.[6]


  • Tack has the same facial tattoos as Kaitora, a member of the Gourmet Corp..
  • Tack means "thanks" in Swedish.


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