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Takitsuba anime


Japanese 滝唾
Romanized Takitsuba
English Takitsuba
Owner Setsuno
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 242
Anime Episode 142
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Takitsuba (滝唾) is the legendary kitchen knife belonging to the Gourmet Human National Treasure, Setsuno.


It is a jagged and very sharp blade in the shape of zigzagged lightning bolt and has a very sleek and bright surface. It appears to have a simple dark-colored firm grip handle. According to Yuda this knife is a one-of-a-kind and there is no other blade like it in the world. 

When transformed, the knife looks much more like a modern kitchen knife albeit it keeps its bright, sleek surface and also has a spike on top of the sharp edge, similar to that of Komatsu's Derous Knife.


It is a powerful blade capable of deflecting giant and deadly pressurized air slashes from the holy knife Cinderella and shifting the full force of it behind Setsuno, all the while not getting a single scratch from the attack. However it was still incapable of protecting its user entirely from Cinderella's attack.

Takitsuba has the ability to change its form to suit the needs of Setsuno. It is unknown how many forms it has or if anyone other then Setsuno is able to fully use them.


Form Change Takitsuba small

Form Change (形状変化 Keijō Henka): Takitsuba has the unique ability to be able to transform itself into a different kind of knife. It transformed from its jagged appearance to a more modern looking knife with a spike on top of the sharp edge.

Flavor Flow blocks Million Slice Fillet small

Secret Technique: Flavor Flow (奥義 味流し Ōgi: Aji Nagashi): Takitsuba is used to block an oncoming attack and deflect the full force of it behind the user.

Cook Road small

Cook Road (クックロード Kukku Rōdo): Setsuno uses this technique after performing a form change on Takitsuba. The technique traces a path and clears obstacles from the way to allow Jiro to unleash his technique.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Setsuno is forced to use this knife during the battle at Cooking Stadium when Joie arrives and uses one of Cinderella's most powerful techniques, the "Oku Mai Oroshi" against her. Setsuno is able to deflect it with her Takitsuba albeit still suffering numerous cuts.


  • Takitsuba translates to "Waterfall Saliva".
  • In the anime, the Takitsuba was broken after clashing with Teppei's Nail Needle.


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