Gourmet Casino Underground Vip Area

Human memories.

Taste Data” refers to memories of delicious ingredients eaten in the past stored in the “Hippocampus” area of the brain. Through Taste Data it is possible to fetch memory signals from one brain and read to another. Allowing the user to savor delicious tastes felt by others. Taste Data is currently being used to wager in games inside the underground VIP area of the Gourmet Casino. A person's entire “Food History” (all their memories of ingredients that have been eaten in the past) is put on the line during these games. If a person loses the game that they are playing, their Food History is converted into Taste Data and then extracted and effectively erased from their brains. Livebearer is currently using Taste Data to revive extinct and illegal ingredients from the past, so that he may experience more stimulating “highs”. Taste Data can also be used to collect information regarding the location and whereabouts of an ingredient.


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