Tengu Castle
Tengu Castle manga
Japanese 天狗の城
Romanized Tengu no Shiro
Location Hex Food World
Affiliation Brunch (owner)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 280
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Tengu Castle is a dining hall owned and run by the charismatic chef Tengu Brunch, who holds the number 3 spot in the IGO Chef Ranking. Tengu Castle primarily specializes in Bizarre Cooking of which very little is known about. It's also known that Tengu Castle is located in the Hex Food World. The Tengu Castle is mostly empty as Buranchi doesn't cook on a regular basis. Since Humans cannot visit the Tengu Castle as it is situated in the Gourmet World , the only way they can taste its cooking is during the Hex Food Product Exhibition.


The Tengu Castle is well furnished with bizarre chairs and round tables. Eyeball shaped bulbs and some bizarre lamps are lit on the ceiling. There are 3 coffins placed at the corner of the restaurant. A bizarre staircase is the access point to the unseen second floor. The floor is the only aspect which is designed in a non-bizarre manner.



Tengu Castle Staff
Tengu BuranchiMS Tengu Castle worker a Tengu Castle worker b Tengu Castle worker c
Tengu Brunch Unknown Unknown Unknown

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