Japanese 店主
Romanized Tenshu
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Sand Kingdom
Occupation Food Vendor
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 61
Japanese Tanaka Kazunari
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Tenshu is the humble vendor of a small shaved ice stand within the capital city of Sand Garden.


He is a man of average height with tanned skin and brown hair. He wears a simple outfit along with a white turban and cloak.


He is a kind and generous man who is very welcoming to customers and genuinely cares about those who appreciate his food.


Mellow Cola ArcEdit

When Toriko and Komatsu arrived in Sand Garden in search of the Mellow Cola, they encountered Tenshu at his stand and bought from his two cups of Sand Ice which they greatly enjoyed. Happy to see some lively and kind faces in Sand Garden, Tenshu happily aided them in their search for some desert equipment by selling them some of his own equipment. He then told them of a small town 5 kilometers away where they could rent some Water Storage Camels.


  • Tenshu's voice actor also voices Janpin.

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