Teran Plains
Japanese タラン平原
Romanized Taran heigen
Location Human World
Affiliation Chief of Teran Plains
Debut Appearance
Manga Oneshot 2007
Anime Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!!
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The villagers of Teran Plains.

Teran Plains (タラン平原) is a large region of forests, jungles, canyons and valleys located in the Human World. It is inhabited by a variety of creatures and ingredients and it also contains a small village of hunters past the area known as Log Mountains that is the home of Peck and his fellow villagers.

The plains and the village are featured in Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!!, and prior to the events in the film, most of the village was destroyed by the bird beast Gerold.


The village of hunters is a small community nestled within the jungles of Teran Plains and it is mainly inhabited by humans of average strength and skills. The main structures in the village are small huts and houses made of wood and reeds. Part of the village was destroyed during the Gerold's attack, although most of the village remained in tact and was likely able to rebuild what was lost. After Toriko saved the village from the threats of the Gerold and the Mammoth Bear, the villagers were able to continue their peaceful hunting existence. It is unknown if there are more villages throughout Teran Plains region.

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The lands near Teran Plains.


The Mushroom Forest.

Teran Plains is practically untouched by civilization and as such many of its surroundings consist of forests, valleys and other natural elements which are inhabited by all manner of ferocious beasts with capture levels ranging from 1 to 15. Presumably the majority of the beasts here have low capture levels to suit the strength of the native villagers. The flora of this region is quite colorful and diverse, and many bear plenty of ingredients. Giant stone-like mushrooms are also native to this region and make up large forests and cliffs of their own. The Log Mountains are a large region of mountains located just before the plains and one must traverse through them to reach Teran Plains.




  • Many of the villagers of Teran Plains are actually characters from Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro's other oneshot manga pilots which were featured in the Toriko Gaiden.
    • In the credits of the film, the names of the villagers that spoke were revealed to be the same as their oneshot counterparts.

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