The Farthest Lands



Japanese 最果ての地
Romanized Saihate no Chi
Aliases Ends of the Earth
Location Outer Space
Residents Gourmet Gods
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 396
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The Farthest Lands (最果ての地 Saihate no Chi) is the land where the Gourmet Gods lived before the creation of the universe, where godly ingredients were being born and eaten by the gods. It is said that ingredients beyond imagination endlessly flow out in this gourmet paradise.


Before the Gourmet Big Bang, Gourmet Gods lived in the land and enjoyed its endless delicacies. Then, roughly 13.7 billion years ago, an inflation of appetite took place, triggering the Gourmet Big Bang.

During this inflation, a family of Gourmet Gods tried to escape with their favorite ingredients, but they were scattered by the explosion. Their energy would later form the 5 universes that are known to exist, the red one, the blue one, the green one, the black one and the white one. Their favorite ingredients would later become what is known as Acacia's Full Course Menu, being reincarnated from Gourmet Planet to Gourmet Planet, eventually supposed to bring the family all back together.[1]

In the final chapter, it is revealed by the narrator that The Farthest Lands still in fact exists, and it still generates godly ingredients beyond imagination.


(Only before the Gourmet Big Bang)


  • Joie and Acacia have both caused some confusion regarding the connection between Area 0 and The Farthest Lands. They implied that eating GOD would lead them to the Farthest Land, when in actuality, it would lead them to the Food Utopia, Area 0. However, it is probable that their target destination were The Farthest Lands, as Acacia said that the Gourmet Gods are "waiting for him".