Thorn Sea
Thorn Sea
Japanese いばらの海
Romanized Ibara No Umi
English Thorned Sea
Location Between the Human World and Gourmet World oceans
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 273
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The Thorn Sea is an ocean located between the waters surrounding Toriko Harbor and the Harbor of Evil Spirits.


This area has waves which are very sharp as they are capable of stabbing Gourmet World beasts whose average Capture Level is above 200. This area is also on par with the Gourmet World's environment due to its highly dangerous nature. This sea seemingly protects the Human World from the Gourmet World beasts which either made it past the Poison Tide or the Yutou Island, and also prevents anybody coming from the Human World from reaching Gourmet World.


AIR ArcEdit

The Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu have to traverse through this dangerous area in order to enter the Gourmet World. Coco spots Mappy, a Travel Frog, riding the waves.

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