• Hello there, Buranchi!

    I noticed you made me a Chat and Discussion Moderator. I really thank you for this, I'm so grateful to be part of this community. Thank you so much. I hope I'll be of use here.

    Million thanks again!

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    • Yes. I actually was aiming for higher, but I need access from my old admin mate.

      Thanks for taking care after we've left.

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    • Aw man, you're so kind... Toriko is my top 1 manga, of all the ones I've read, it's the most optimistic and the one closest to my idea of heaven and basically my life style and everything. I'm honored to be able to maintain and take care of this awesome wiki you guys built. It's just so awesome that Toriko got wiki of the quality it deserves.

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    • A FANDOM user
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