The Three Way Road

The Wak Continent's Three Way Road (三途の道 Sanzu no Michi) is a long winding stone road located in the Wak continent and it is one of the three main entrances into the Gourmet World from the Human World.


It rises high above a mist covered abyss and many insanely powerful beasts attempt to cross it and enter the Human World, luckily the road is protected by the Gourmet Gang Leader, Guemon who day in and day out sits in the middle of the road ever watchful of any beasts that try to invade the Human World.



  • The Three Way Road is likely a reference to the Sanzu River (三途の川, Sanzu no Kawa) or Three-Branched River which in Japanese Buddhism is the river crossed by the dead to enter the afterlife, like the Styx or Acheron rivers in classic mythology and religions. Befitting since those who enter the road unprepared are likely to face certain death on it.


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