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Thousands of years ago the Nitro were the dominant civilization and the Gourmet Pyramid is the remains of their once advanced society BlackArrow The dreaded Gourmet War which lasted 102 years and occurred 505 years ago BlackArrow The present era which is known as the Gourmet Age
  Thousands of years ago                         505 years ago                                 the current timeline

Known Timeline
>13.7 billion years ago
Gourmet Gods exist in a land called The Farthest Land, enjoying godly ingredients.
13.7 billion years ago
Appetite inflation takes place, causing the Gourmet Big Bang. A family of Gourmet Gods carry their favorite ingredients away, but are dispersed by the explosion, creating 5 different universes (black, white, red, green and blue).

The Gourmet Energy created from the inflation later becomes foundation for Gourmet Cells and Gourmet Matter that are source of deliciousness in the universes.

Some Gourmet Gods from the explosion escape into the universes, to feast on space ingredients and Space Pantry. The dispersed energy of some becomes Food Luck.
Several billion years ago
Monster Trolls come into existence as a manifestation of the will of Gourmet Cells. Monster Trolls that die later will eventually become Appetite Demons, like Toriko's Ogre, Neo or Don Slime.

A breed of Monster Trolls come to existence, that would later become known as Nitro. The Blue Nitro, originating from the Blue Universe, inject planets with Gourmet Cells to cultivate them, to produce more food for themselves and induce cycle of planetary rebirth.

After being used as a lifestock to put stress on Gourmet Planets, Neo is left on one of the planets that Blue Nitro cultivated. He devours the planet's life and continues to devour many more, including the Fertile Planet. He continues for millions of years, until he devours almost all (if not all) of the Blue Universe and then escapes into the Red Universe.
Several hundred million years ago (Potentially the present day in our timeline)
Nitro choose Earth as a candidate for becoming a Gourmet Planet and inject it with Gourmet Cells by a meteorite. The material expands, enlarging the planet, and becoming source of all life and deliciousness on the planet.

The Cambrian Period begins and many lifeforms begin to develop at an accelerated rate and their species prosper due to the Gourmet Cells.

At some point during the development, the Planetary Full Course Menu, that has been inherited from many Gourmet Planets before Earth, begins to manifest, as the planet's pure condensed good taste.
Tens of thousands of years ago
At an undetermined point thousands of years ago, the Nitro came to the Human World and established an advanced society and enslaved humanity.

The Gourmet Pyramid is built by the Nitro and their top chefs, the Flavor Sages created hieroglyphics to record their recipes in stone.

The Nitro leave the Human World for reasons unknown, but leave behind a few hibernating Nitros in cryptobiosis.

At an unknown point, the Flavor Sages, who served the Gourmet Nobility, betray them after finding out their destructive goals.

Kaka of the Sages flees to Area 7 and eventually aids in the creation of the Kingdom of Hope.

Jiji of the Sages flees to Area 6.

Chichi of the Sages begins his cryptobiosis and remains in a dormant hibernation for centuries to come.
Thousands of years ago
Heracles becomes angered and leaves a giant hoof print on Yutou Island which becomes an uninhabitable waste land due to its intense negative energy.
Unknown Era of the Derous
An ancient Derous ruled the entire Earth with its unparalleled power and went on to live for 10,000 years.
Unknown Dawn of Recorded History Before Gourmet Age
The Death Gore species is born from a mutation.

The Death Gores begin devouring the planet's resources.

The Death Gore species is wiped out by a young lone Battle Wolf, beginning the legend of the "Legendary King".
1000 years Before Gourmet Age
Shokurin Temple is built in the Lost Forest
106 BGA
Acacia discovers the Gourmet Jellyfish.
105 BGA
Acacia discovers Gourmet Cells.
102 BGA
The Gourmet War begins and a brutal struggle for food and survival rages over the planet for the next 102 years.
100 BGA
Acacia discovers the Nitro.
100 BGA - 15 BGA
IGO President Ichiryu, Knocking Master Jiro, Living Gourmet National Treasure Setsuno and Gourmet Corp. boss Midora are born at different points during the Gourmet War.

Ichiryu, Jiro and Midora are adopted by Acacia and Froese during their childhoods at different points.

PAIR of the Gourmet Nobility warns Acacia of the Four Beast and the Gourmet Solar Eclipse.

Jiro and Setsuno meet for the first time and form a combo.
Ten years have passed since PAIR's warnings.

The Four Beast is sent to the Human World by the Nitro in order to abduct humanity but its limbs are stopped by Ichiryu and the Four Beast's main body is knocked and sealed away by Jiro.

PAIR sends out Blue Nitros to escort Acacia and Froese to the location where GOD will appear.
The Gourmet Solar Eclipse begins and GOD appears in Gourmet World. Ichiryu, Jiro, Midora and Setsuno try to distribute food to the Human World's inhabitants while Froese and Acacia are away.
Acacia and Froese return from Gourmet World.

Froese becomes bedridden due to overusing her "Cooking God" abilities while away.

Midora battles a Derous for the Cure Water it guards to use it to heal Froese but suffers life threatening injuries.

Froese then uses the last of her power to heal Midora at the cost of her life.

Froese is buried on a hill and given a small service by her family.

Midora goes in search of the Derous once again and pours the Cure Water over Froese's grave in apology. He continues to repeat this action for many days.
1 Gourmet Age (Dawn of the Gourmet Age)
The Gourmet War still ravages the planet. Acacia then presents GOD to the world leaders thus ending the war once and for all.

The dawn of the Gourmet Age begins and world peace is achieved.

Midora is then afflicted with intense grief and rage which affects him severely, causing him to turn his hatred against the world that took his mother away and the humans who are rejoicing over peace whilst ignoring his mother who died for so much.

Acacia departs for Gourmet World to seal away his Full Course Menu.

Midora sets out to begin searching for Acacia's Full Course in hopes of consuming it and as many ingredients as possible, believing that he will be living and eating for both himself and Froese, wanting to share with her all the things he believed she deserved without sharing it with the "ungrateful" people of the world.

Ichiryu tries to reason with Midora and stop his efforts, but fails to make him see the error of his ways. The two then battle it out over their mother's grave. Ichiryu comes out victorious and spares his corrupt brother due to their past.

The United Nations begin civil discussions and negotiations which eventually lead to the founding of the IGO.

Froese's grave begins to stir and something begins to rise from it.

The world outside the Human World is named the "Gourmet World" and many begin to see it as an unexplored paradise of gourmet ingredients.

Ichiryu discovers the hibernating body of the ancient Nitro, Chichi and awakens him. The two then form a long lasting friendship.
10 GA
A journalist named Hatch ventures into Gourmet World with an unknown Gourmet Hunter in hopes of documenting the rich ingredients of the unknown paradise.

Hatch returns to reveal his partner's death and all of the horrors of Gourmet World.

With this terrifying news, humanity's view of Gourmet World is shattered and it is now seen as a Hell on earth.

The IGO establishes the IGO Bureau of Defense Management which begins placing numerous barriers around the Human World to keep it protected from any horrors that may come from Gourmet World.
15 GA
The IGO becomes an independent organization from the United Nations and Ichiryu is appointed its president.

The IGO establishes the Gourmet Police.

The IGO creates the Eight Gourmet Laws.
30 GA
After quantifying the degree of difficulty of capturing targets during a hunt, the IGO is able to introduce the Capture Level system.
45 GA
Midora creates the Gourmet Corp..
50 GA
The IGO opens the Gourmet Research Laboratory. The IGO announces the Gourmet ID system.
100 GA
The main Regal Mammoth of the Regal Mammoth Arc is born on Regal Island. The Gourmet Wholesale Market is opened.
200 GA
The IGO limits the circulation of the Dodurian Bomb and outlaws its use as a weapon.

The Dodurian Bomb goes extinct and upon the explosion of the last one it destroys an entire valley and fills the world with a horrible odor.

The valley the Dodurian Bomb destroys is then named after it.

The Garara Gator of Baron Archipelago is born.
250 GA
The Gourmet Temple is registered into the Gourmet World Heritage. Setsuno is recognized as one of the Gourmet National Treasures.
+200 years ago
Elg is born somewhere around 205 years ago.
300 GA
Gourmet Town is opened. The Gourmet Knights are formed.
304 GA
Cooking Festival is established.

Joie wins the first Cooking Fest and earns the title of "Super Cook", but is soon disqualified for breaking the rules.

Runner-up Setsuno then wins the title from Joie, becoming the first official "Super Cook".
320 GA
NEO is founded.
328 GA
Zaus wins the Cooking Festival for the first time and earns the title of "Super Cook".
330 GA
Chin Chinchin is recognized as one of the Gourmet National Treasures.
356 GA
Chiyo wins the Cooking Festival for the first time and earns the title of "Super Cook".
380 GA
Mohyan Shaishai is recognized as one of the Gourmet National Treasures. Yuda is born.
400 GA
Knocking Master Jiro goes to Ice Hell to acquire the Century Soup.

Jiro battles Ice Hell's powerful ruler the Hellboros, defeats it and then freezes it in ice for the next 100 years.

The IGO acquires the DNA information to clone a Battle Wolf.
422 GA
Colonel Mokkoi is born.
428 GA
Melk the First is born.
432 GA
Yuda wins the Cooking Festival for the first time and earns the title of "Super Cook".
445 GA
Yosaku is born. Mansam is born.
450 GA
Yocchi's wife Miko dies.

Yocchi retires from being a hunter.

Yocchi discovers a baby Chicken Tiger and names it Meeko after his deceased wife.

BB Corn is discovered.

The first GT Robo is created.
452 GA
Guemon is born.
460 GA
Salmon Roe Grapes become extinct.
472 GA
Match is born.
Barrygamon is born.
473 GA
Coco is born.

Teppei is born.

Zongeh is born.
475 GA
Toriko is born.

Komatsu is born.

Zebra is born.

Aimaru is born.

Bogie Woods is born.

Starjun is born.

Ootake is born.
476 GA
Sunny is born.
Cedre is born.
479 GA
Melk the Second is born.

Melk the Second is abandoned in the woods.

Melk the Second is then found by Melk the First who adopts and names her.
480 GA
Rin is born.
482 GA
Takimaru is born.
485 GA
Coco is classified as a dangerous beast.
The Mammoth Bear awakens and then lays waste to Teran Plains. (film)
494 GA
Melk the First leaves his home on request from Ichiryu and makes his daughter, Melk the Second his successor. But due to his low voice the Second is unable to hear him making her believe that he simply left on a small trip. She then hesitantly takes up the mantle of Melk and begins sharpening while worrying for the First's safety.
497 GA
Zaus wins Cooking Fest for the 14th time, thus earning the title of "Supercook" for the next 4 years.
A few years ago
Chef Chiyo of Disappearing Cuisine is approached by a mysterious masked man who reveals to her information on the secret 8th ingredient from Acacia's full course, CENTER which has the ability to bring back the dead.

Chiyo then defects from Chowlin Temple in secrecy and joins the Gourmet Corp. in hopes of using CENTER to revive her deceased son.

Chefs worldwide begin disappearing at an alarming rate due to the Gourmet Corp. kidnapping them for use as cooking slaves.

Chiyo is removed from the IGO Chef Ranking.
500 GA - 503 GA (3 years ago)
Series events begin.

Uumen Umeda requests that Hotel Gourmet acquire some Garara Gator meat.

Komatsu and Toriko meet for the first time after he was sent to hire Toriko to capture the Garara Gator.

Komatsu and Toriko head to the Baron Archipelago and successfully capture the Garara Gator. The event inspires Komatsu to become a better chef.

Komatsu accompanies Toriko on an IGO mission to the 8th Biotope to capture the Rainbow Fruit and succeeded.

Toriko and Komatsu go to Gourmet Fortune to meet Coco and capture the elusive Puffer Whale. They then meet Knocking Master Jiro aboard their train and give him some liquor thus earning his eternal gratitude. They also met a low level Gourmet Hunter named Zongeh.

Coco informs Toriko of Zebra's arrest at the hands of Teppei and Yosaku for having started wars, killing countless beasts and putting 26 species into extinction.

Coco befriends Komatsu. Toriko, Coco and Komatsu head into Cavern Lagoon to capture the Puffer Whale. Komatsu dies and is then revived by a grateful Jiro.

The trio reunite and then go on to capture some Puffer Whales. They then encounter a GT Robot piloted by Starjun that has poached countless Puffer Whales and let it go on its way.

The GT Robot is confronted by Gourmet Police captain Thor, however the officer is easily killed by the GT Robot.

Toriko is called away by the IGO to help capture the Jewel Meat of a Regal Mammoth on the 1st Biotope before the Gourmet Corp. does and Komatsu comes along.

Toriko and Komatsu arrive at the 1st Biotope and encounter Mansam. They then go to the Gourmet Coliseum where they see a revived Battle Wolf clone. The clone is thrown into battle but unable to fight due to it being pregnant. Toriko sensing this intervenes in the fight and saves the Battle Wolf allowing her to give birth to a pup.

The Battle Wolf is attacked by Gourmet Corp. GT Robot operated by Bei and gives her a lethal wound. Toriko avenges the Battle Wolf and destroys the GT Robot. The Battle Wolf mother grooms her pup one last time and dies proudly standing. Toriko adopts the Battle Wolf pup and names it Terry Cloth.

A Gourmet Corp. search party consisting of GT Robots piloted by Cedre, Gido, Zyper and Dohsa arrive on the island and search for the Regal Mammoth.

Cedre tames an Obsaurus and uses it as a mount.

Sunny of the Four Heavenly Kings arrives and captures a baby Regal Mammoth.

Toriko, Komatsu, Mansam, Rin and Terry Cloth wait outside the Biotope for Sunny's arrival and upon arrival they set off to search for the baby's parent before the Gourmet Corp. steals its Jewel Meat and Mansam returns to the Biotope with the infant to extract its Jewel Meat.

The group makes it to the Black Grass fields and are spread out due to an attack from a Rock Drum. Toriko and Rin end up in White Forest, Sunny and Komatsu end up in Mushroom Woods and Terry Cloth remains in the Black Grass fields. The group decide to head to Regal Wall, the entryway into the home of the Regal Mammoth in hopes of reuniting there.

The group encounters the Gourmet Corp. and fight over the Regal Mammoth's Jewel Meat.

The Gourmet Corp. are thwarted and the Jewel Meat is retrieved for the IGO.

Toriko and Komatsu go to Gourmet Town and meet "Gourmet National Treasure" Setsuno in order to eat at her restaurant, the Setsuno Dining Hall.

Setsuno tells them of the "real" Century Soup and they go to Bar Heavy Lodge in order to take part in a voyage to acquire the soup. There they meet "Gourmet Knight" Takimaru and "Gourmet Yakuza" Match and his subordinates for the first time.

They meet their client Colonel Mokkoi and set off for Ice Hell to get the soup.

After arriving in Ice Hell the group sets off through the frozen tundra while encountering many deadly obstacles. Meanwhile Zongeh and his followers take a shortcut through a cave. Unbeknownst to them, another mysterious figure is also following behind them.

Takimaru tells Toriko that he is collecting the soup to earn money to save his master and Toriko's old friend Aimaru who is dying from an incurable ailment. Match tells Toriko that he wants to distribute the soup to the orphans of Nerg City.

The Gourmet Corp. agents Barrygamon, Bogie Woods and Tommyrod are revealed to be at Ice Hell as well.

Brubo becomes frozen and is impaled by Tommyrod, effectively killing him.

Both groups eventually arrive at the location of the Gourmet Show Window, the source of the Century Soup. Komatsu befriends a small Wall Penguin which he would eventually name Yun.

The mysterious figure meets Zongeh and is revealed to be the friendly saiseiya, Teppei.

Teppei revives the Hellboros.

Toriko's group faces off with the Gourmet Corp. while Komatsu gets the soup.

Komatsu is attacked by Yuu and the last of the soup is stolen from him.

Teppei and Zongeh meet up with Komatsu.

Toriko and his group win the battle but at the cost of his left arm.

Teppei arrives to protect Toriko and the Gourmet Show Window, and battle the Parasite Emperor.

The Parasite Emperor is attacked by the revived Hellboros and it and the Hellboros continue their fight in the air.

Toriko and others meet up with Komatsu but sadly tells them that he lost the soup.

Alfaro arrives in Ice Hell to collect the soup from Yuu as well as the defeated subordinates, he then encounters Setsuno who intimidates him into leaving.

Teppei tells them that their is no more soup as the Gourmet Show Window has run dry. He then uses his Protection Tree to squeeze out the last bit of soup from the window and gives it to Komatsu.

Komatsu tastes it and memorizes the flavor.

Setsuno arrives and saves the group by carrying them away on her Limousine Jellyfish and takes them to Life to be healed.

In Life they meet up with Sunny who is seeking info on EARTH.

They then meet up with Yosaku who heals them and places Toriko in special care and implants a Fertility Seed in him so he can regrow a new arm which will take 20 years to grow. Meanwhile Sunny stays to help out and to learn from Yosaku.

Yosaku also gives his special medicine to Takimaru in order to heal Aimaru.

Komatsu returns to Hotel Gourmet to recreate the soup.

Takimaru gives Aimaru the medicine and is fully healed.

6 Months Later

After six months of healing, Toriko is fully recovered and Yosaku is amazed by his Gourmet Cells healing abilities.

After six months of cooking, Komatsu finally recreates the Century Soup with the help of Yun and shares the soup with everyone, and gives plenty to Match for him to distribute to the orphans. They then all enjoy the soup's amazing flavor

Toriko returns to his candy home to find it gone and calls Gourmet Architect Smile to come build him a new and bigger one. Toriko is then greeted by a grown Terry Cloth and Ob. After the candy castle is complete, Toriko and his friends devour it and Smile is forced to make a new but smaller one.

Toriko meets with Ichiryu and tests his power against his but loses. Ichiryu then requests that Toriko get him an Ozone Herb from Vegetable Sky as part of his training for Gourmet World.

Toriko and Komatsu venture up the Sky Plant and reach Vegetable Sky and acquire the Ozone Grass. Toriko then finally asks Komatsu to become his chef partner thus making them an official combo. They later run into a powerful but passive Nitro who tastes their Ozone Herb and soon after leaves.

Ichiryu and Yosaku give Coco and Sunny the task of training so they'll be ready for Gourmet World.

Toriko and Komatsu return to the IGO and give Ichiryu his Ozone Herb. Ichiryu then gives Toriko a list of ingredients that he'll need to acquire before entering the Gourmet World, and with this his training officially begins. Ichiryu then reveals his intentions of wanting to return to Gourmet World and tells Toriko that once he finishes his list, to go after him.

Toriko goes off into Gourmet World due to his anxiousness and nearly dies but is luckily saved by Jiro.

Ichiryu and Yosaku prepare to leave for Gourmet World, but before that pay a visit to Honey Prison to negotiate Zebra's release with warden Love.

Toriko returns to a relieved Komatsu but the latter breaks his knife while trying to prepare food. Toriko then takes him to Melk Mountain to have his knife fixed by Melk the First and at the same time acquire the first item on the list, Melk Stardust.

Toriko and Komatsu arrive at Melk Mountain and meet Melk the Second passing off as the first. She then tells Toriko of the First's whereabouts and her worry for his disappearance and he goes in search of him while Komatsu stays to help Melk.

Toriko goes to the First's last known location, Heavy Hole and while there trains his endurance towards the hole's intense gravity. Meanwhile Komatsu and Melk bond and he manages to encourage her motivation and boost her confidence.

Toriko finds Melk the First and learns from him the truth about his retirement and the Second's worthiness of the mantle. He also learns of Melk's mission from Ichiryu to create a knife capable of preparing AIR, Acacia's salad. The First then gives Toriko the Melk Stardust and tells him where to find the next item on his list, the Mellow Cola, which is located in Gourmet Pyramid.

Toriko returns to Melk Mountain and tells the Second about the First's safety and the truth and how she truly is his successor. The Second in gratitude to both men, repairs Komatsu's knife and reforges it using the Derous' fang. Komatsu and Toriko then say their goodbyes to the Second.

Toriko and Komatsu travel aboard the Gourmet Carriage to their destination, the Gates of the Underworld which will lead them to Honey Prison where Toriko will escort Zebra out of prison. Sunny and Coco travel aboard the carriage as well to their training destinations, the Three Way Road and the Jidal Kingdom respectively.

Toriko and Komatsu arrive at Honey Prison and successfully escort Zebra out.

News of Zebra's release is made public, throwing the Human World into a worldwide panic, causing stocks to circuit break, huge sales in safety provisions, warring nations to cease fire and much political and economical speculation about the aftermath of Zebra's release.

Gourmet News starts featuring a "Zebra Report" alongside their weather broadcast to detail Zebra's whereabouts for safety reasons.

Zebra, Toriko and Komatsu head to Sand Garden to acquire the Mellow Cola and to do so use the Lift House transport to reach their destination. A hectic journey on the Lift House ensues for the next month.

Coco arrives at Nerg City in the Jidal Kingdom and begins his training.

Sunny arrives at Three Way Road and meets Guemon and begins his training.

Sunny meets and tames a young Mother Snake and names it Quinn, making her his new Animal Partner.

1 Month Later

Toriko, Zebra and Komatsu arrive at Sand Garden and then head to a small village which was recently the victim of a huge war until Zebra was released which forced a ceasefire.

The trio then head into the desert and Komatsu becomes lost in the Red Sand Maze.

Zebra using his echo location ability locates Komatsu in the Gourmet Pyramid then he and Toriko head inside.

While lost in the Pyramid Komatsu accidentally reawakens several mummified Nitro.

Upon finding Komatsu, the trio face off against the Pyramid's ruler, the Salamander Sphinx and defeat it after a difficult battle. Komatsu is then attacked by one of the mummy Nitro forcing Toriko and Zebra to fight it. After an even harder battle they succeed and Komatsu is revealed to still be alive. The Salamander Sphinx then releases its Mellow Cola tears, thus finishing Toriko and Zebra's training in Gourmet Pyramid.

The trio return to Hotel Gourmet to enjoy the cola and are soon joined by Mansam, Ray and Rapp who explain to them the existence of the Nitro and of the 0th Biotope. They also explain that more Nitro escaped from Gourmet Pyramid and there whereabouts are unknown.

Toriko and Komatsu go on break from adventures for a little bit.

Zongeh achieves the fourth highest Surprise Level score from scaring a Surprise Apple in history.

Toriko, Komatsu, Sunny and Quinn set out to capture the Shining Gourami at Death Falls and succeed.

Komatsu discovers Mors Oil.

7 months after the incident at Ice Hell, Tommyrod makes a full recovery and the Gourmet Corp. prepare to move their efforts to the Gourmet World.

Komatsu's friend and fellow chef Ootake is kidnapped by the Gourmet Corp. to add to their collection of enslaved chefs. Ootake catches the interests of Starjun and is made his chef combo partner and is injected with Gourmet Cells.

Toriko, Coco, Terry Cloth and Kiss go to the IGO Biotopes to capture the ingredients in Ichiryu's Full Course Menu.

Toriko, Komatsu and Coco work together to win out at the Gourmet Casino and win the Meteor Garlic while having to defeat the casino and cooking underworld boss Livebearer.

The trio defeat Livebearer and win the Meteor Garlic. Livebearer reforms his ways and becomes an ally of the trio, he then hands over the casino and underworld business to the Gourmet Yakuza.

The Four Heavenly Kings, Rin, Mansam and Komatsu, along with their animal partners, distribute food to all the poverty stricken nations of the world on Christmas Eve as Gourmet Santas.

Teppei revives the Salmon Roe Grapes, Café Ant and the Dodurian Bomb.

Toriko and Komatsu join the Chowlin Temple to train in Food Honor and acquire the Bubble Fruit, and end up saving the temple from an attack by the Gourmet Corp..

Komatsu simplifies the ingredients of Disappearing Cuisine.

The 0th Biotope assembles and round out the time of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse to six months, thus beginning their search for Acacia's Full Course Menu.

The Four Beast returns once more to devour humanity but is luckily defeated by the Four Heavenly Kings.

Komatsu earns the 88th spot on the IGO Chef Ranking.

0th Biotope members gather around different Gourmet World sectors in the search for Acacia's Full Course Menu. The Gourmet Corp. faces them in battle afterwards.

The Cooking Festival has begun and the Top 100 Chefs compete for the title of "Supercook".

The Gourmet Corp. invades Cooking Fest and an all-out war begins.

NEO reveals its existence as well as their leader Joie.

Countless chefs are kidnapped by the Bishokuaki.

Ichiryu is defeated by his younger brother Midora.

Midora's Meteor Spice rains and brings havoc upon Human World.

IGO President Ichiryu dies.

The Gourmet Age comes to an end after the fall of the Meteor Spice.

The Gourmet Corp. and the IGO suffer heavy losses due to NEO.

NEO begins to put their plans into motion with their competition sabotaged.

Toriko now focuses his sights on the Gourmet World.

End of the anime.
503 GA - 504 GA (1 year and a half ago)
Toriko successfully survives in Gourmet World.

Mansam is made the new president of the IGO.

The IGO begins producing nutrition tablets as food substitutes during the massive food shortage in the Human World.

6 Months Later

After a full year, through unknown methods, Toriko successfully rescues Komatsu from the Gourmet Corp..

Toriko and Komatsu create a small base inside a tree near the Landsea.

Toriko continues to grow stronger and improve his Gourmet Cells to the point where he only needs to sleep for 1 hour a month.
Current Storyline (504 GA)
Toriko and Komatsu return to the Human World with a vast harvest of ingredients for everyone.

The Four Heavenly Kings reunite and go in search of the last ingredient from Ichiryu's Full Course Menu.

The Kings bring together Ichiryu's full course which revives the long extinct Billion Bird which then proceeds to lay millions of eggs which supply the Human World with an infinite supply of food, allowing for the slow restoration of their resources and economy.

Toriko adds the Billion Bird Egg to his Full Course Menu as a drink.

The Kings and Komatsu meet the ancient Nitro Chichi who helps to prepare them for Gourmet World.

The Kings, their animal partners and Komatsu set out to the Gourmet World aboard the Octomelon, Octo-chan and head for Yutou Island's Harbor of Evil Spirits.