Japanese ティナ
Romanized Tina
English Tina
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Birthday December 5
Age 20
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Gourmet News Team, Toriko, Komatsu
Occupation News Anchor for Gourmet News
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed father
Pets Kruppoh Icon
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 145
Anime Debut Episode 2
Japanese Voice Mizuki Nana
English Voice Morgan Garrett
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Tina (ティナ) is a television reporter who appears in the anime series. She is a news anchor and host of Gourmet News. She is a frequent character in the series, normally appearing wherever Toriko goes to in order to get a scoop on the various rare ingredients he encounters. She also has a Carrier Balloon Pigeon named Kruppoh.

While she is an anime-only character with no role in the manga's plot, she did make a small cameo appearance in Chapter 145 of the manga.


Tina is a young woman with orangish-brown hair, brown eyes, light-colored skin and her signature attire consists of a pink skirt, a pink button-up shirt, red high-heel shoes and a white undershirt.

When doing reports outdoors she wears a more sporty outfit which consists of a short pink tank top which exposes her midriff, blue shorts and running shoes, and while wearing this outfit she ties back her hair into a ponytail.

She also has formal attire when attending important events, this outfit is a white gown with a pink sash tied around her waist and while wearing it she curls up the ends of her hair. She is also usually seen with a small red digital video camera with which she records most of her scoops.

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While seemingly cheerful and humble on camera, she is actually an extremely determined, confident, and strict person (albeit is very eccentric most of the time) who will do anything for a big story (especially ones involving Toriko), however like the rest of the folk born in the Gourmet Age, she has a great love of food and will sometimes lose her composure when in the presence of amazing dishes, such as the Galala Gator or the Fruit of Rainbow. She also has a good deal of knowledge on certain ingredients and the history of the world.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Tina protected by Kruppoh.

Tina is an ordinary human being with no above average strengths or skills, however she is a skilled journalist and reporter however her scatterbrained personality usually affects the performance of her work.

Tina is kept safe from dangerous falls by her pet Kruppoh, who can inflate itself to great proportions in order to catch Tina if she should fall from great heights.


  • Mini-Camera: Tina always carries on her person a small red video camera which she uses to record footage. The camera apparently has quite a bit of memory as it can record for hours or days on end. Tina has owned several cameras, with the first two being confiscated by the IGO.
  • Laptop: Tina once owned a laptop in which she kept her footage and used to store data recorded from her mini-cam, unfortunately her laptop was damaged by Starjun and it was later confiscated by the IGO.
  • Spy-Cam: A very small spy camera which Tina planted on Komatsu's helmet during his trip into Labyrinthine Cave. It could send recorded data to her laptop.


The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

Rainbow Fruit ArcEdit

Toriko interview

Toriko is interviewed by Tina.

She first appeared in the Gourmet Wholesale Market, where she was trying to get a scoop on the ingredients for sale, but instead spent most of her time complaining about the quality and freshness of certain ingredients. In the anime, after seeing Toriko and Komatsu in the market she tried to get an exclusive interview with Toriko but was stopped by the IGO representative Johannes who had important business to discuss with Toriko. However she managed to overhear about their mission to acquire the Fruit of Rainbow and she then decides to tag along in secret and hopefully get a big scoop out of it.

Tina puffer whale

Tina witnessing Toriko's capture of the Rainbow Fruit.

After arriving at the 8th Biotope, she observes Toriko fighting off the Troll Kongs and then records his capturing of the Rainbow Fruit, which leaves her astonished, however her camera was soon after confiscated by Johannes and IGO security after they discovered her infiltration into the Biotope, but was let off with a warning. In the end she left not only disappointed, but without her scoop.

Puffer Whale ArcEdit

When the Puffer Whale migration in Labyrinthine Cave began, Tina quickly arrived on the scene to interview all the gourmet hunters preparing to capture them. While there she came across Toriko, Komatsu and Coco who were also planning on capturing some Puffer Whales, and seeing this as an opportunity for a scoop, she planted a small spy-camera on Komatsu's helmet in hopes of recording a live capture of the Puffer Whales. However this would prove unsuccessful as by the time they reached the Cave of the Sandy Beach, Komatsu had taken off his helmet leaving Tina with little footage, and what little footage she had gained was completely ruined when her laptop was damaged by a Gourmet Corp. GT Robo who had just poached countless Puffer Whales. To further her misfortune, her mini-camera which held footage of the GT Robo was taken by IGO security in order to analyze said footage, leaving her with nothing to report.

Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Tina got in trouble with her boss for sneaking into IGO restricted areas, not opened to the public. Worse, she lost her camera and laptop, so she has absolutely no footage to show on the Rainbow Fruit or Puffer Whale. Her boss suspended her, but she's still determine to get a good story from Toriko. Overhearing that he's being summoned to IGO about the Regal Mammoth, she successfully follows him into the IGO Headquarters, and into the battle arena where they have beasts battle each other. As she hides from the guards, she meets with Mansam, who gave her permission to film on the site.

Afterwards, she travels with Toriko to the Regal Island in hopes of filming the Regal Mammoth and Jewel Meat. There, she meets Sunny, one of the Heavenly King, who joins Toriko and the others. As the group travels to find an adult Regal mammoth, they encountered a group of Rock Drums. One ends up kicking Toriko, Sunny, Rin, and Komatsu away, leaving Tina alone with Terry. Seeing the mysterious GT Robot that came out of the Puffer Whale cave making its way to the Regal Plateau, Tina had to hurry and warn Toriko. Riding Terry, she manages to reach Toriko and warn him in time. At the same time, they came across Sunny, Komatsu, and the adult Regal Mammoth.

After making their way into the Regal Mammoth, the group began to try to find the Jewel Meat, but keep running into other GT Robots. When the one from cave made its way inside, Tina knew this robot was not like the others, and ran back to get Sunny and Coco for help. However, as she ran, the robot defeated Toriko and send him flying through the Regal Mammoth, on the same path Tina ran on. Walking in the area he landed, she saw Toriko was just a mere moment's away from dying, but came across the Jewel Meat. Using its juices, she poured some onto Toriko, which got him back on his feet, just enough for him to eat some of the Jewel Meat raw, which gave him the strength to defeat the GT Robot.

After escaping the Regal Mammoth, she filmed everyone feasting on the prepared Jewel Meat, and even Toriko offered some to her to take home since she saved his life. However, while her footage wasn't destroyed or confiscated this time, she still couldn't use them. The Jewel Meat was so bright, all that shows on video is just a bright light, and if she showed any footage that had Terry in it, it would put the Battle Wolf in danger if hunters found out about the Battle Wolf's revival.

BB Corn ArcEdit

Tina accompanied Komatsu on his trip to Wul Jungle to seek out the Wulstar Sauce Fruit in hopes of doing a story on his preparation of the Mermaituna. There they met Zonge and his followers who were being attacked by the local wildlife. Eventually the entire group were then pursued by a ferocious Aloe Frill-neck Lizard, but thanks to some quick thinking from Komatsu who used his Gourmet Spicer to fill the creature's mouth with spice, they were able to make it flee. Sunny arrived soon after and used his helicopter to fly them back home after they acquired the Wulstar Sauce Fruit. Tina then recorded Komatsu's arrival to Hotel Gourmet and his preparation. However by the end of the day's events her camera was unable to record anything that happened much to her grief.

Century Soup ArcEdit

When Tina heard about Colonel Mokkoi's request to capture the Century Soup, Tina pretended to be a gourmet hunter in order to board Mokkoi's ship in hopes of getting a big scoop from the events that would transpire. After arriving in Ice Hell, Tina accompanied Zonge and his followers through the underground tunnel where they eventually encountered the frozen Hellboros and met Teppei. Eventually the group reunited with Toriko and his group and found the last drop of Century Soup, however Tina was so enthralled by the sight of the soup that she forgot to record it. She later accompanied the group to the healing country of Life, but quickly departed the country with Komatsu to record his recreation of the Century Soup.

For the next few months, Tina stood by Komatsu and recorded some of the cooking process and in the end Komatsu was able to fully prepare it much to her joy and she along with the rest of the group from Ice Hell went to Hotel Gourmet to enjoy Komatsu's recreated Century Soup. Unfortunately, when she went to show her footage to the Gourmet News Department Chief, he disapproved of the footage due to the Century Soup's near invisible appearance which made it seem like there was nothing in the bowel.

The Reality of Gourmet World ArcEdit

Tina payed a visit to Komatsu at Hotel Gourmet shortly after Komatsu found out that Toriko had gone into Gourmet World. Tina then told Komatsu about the true horrors of Gourmet World and how the well known journalist Hatch exposed the Gourmet World's horrors long ago. With this in mind, Komatsu decided to use the phone number given to him by Sunny to call Knocking Master Jiro to go save Toriko.

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Toriko's Break ArcEdit


Tina and Kruppoh visit the Gourmet Temple.

Newscaster Tina and her pet Kruppoh were one of the many countless individuals visiting the Gourmet Temple, having gone there to do a news story on the temple's festival.

The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

Mellow Cola ArcEdit

Tina was one of the many people who boarded the Gourmet Carriage, where she planned to enjoy a two-week vacation away from her boss. There she reunited with Toriko, Komatsu, Coco and Sunny, as well as Zongeh and his followers. While there the group enjoyed many of the festivities and Tina much to her misfortune was paired up with Zongeh at the Carriage's ballroom dance that night. Eventually she parted ways with Toriko and Komatsu after the Carriage reached the Gates of the Underworld where they would attempt to free Zebra from Honey Prison. Tina however was in disbelief due to that by the time she found out why they left the carriage she was unable to go with them, as she wanted to get a scoop from Zebra.

After Zebra's release from prison, many journalists worldwide and Tina included were panicked by Zebra's release and began reporting on every bit of info they could get on him. Tina's news story on Zebra involved an interview with famous economist Manei on how Zebra's release would affect the economy of many countries.

Four Beasts ArcEdit

Tina Green Rain

Tina filming during the Green Rain.

Tina reported from Food Park Plaza, which was being used as a shelter. Although originally she was only supposed to report on updates from the IGO, after Gourmet News hacked into the IGO's video feed of the Four Heavenly Kings fighting the Four Beasts, Tina made the decision to broadcast the feed live for all the people in the Plaza to see. 

Once Komatsu discovered a way to simplify the cooking of the Medicinal Mochi, Tina and Gourmet News helped Johannes and the IGO with relaying Komatsu's cooking lecture to the 5 million chefs.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Although Munageh is the main announcer at the Cooking Festival, Tina is a reporter and Co-MC at many of the events, such as at Rice Beach and at the Cooking Utensils table during the Triathlon Cooking preliminary.

After the fall of the Meteor Spice, Tina was seen doing a story on the Human World's successful recovery while reporting the many gourmet hunters (including Zongeh) that were planning to bring back as many ingredients as possible for the destroyed establishments.

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  • Tina and Kruppoh made a cameo appearance in Chapter 145 of the manga.
  • Tina mentioned her father in Episode 10 of the anime.
    • In the FUNimation dub, Tina briefly mentions her father as well, stating that he always used to tell her "to get ahead, plan ahead".
  • Her voice actor also voices Froese.

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