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Tokage title
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Japanese 透影
Romanized Tokage
English Shadow Lizard
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Type Phantom
Capture Level 295
Length Varies
Height 2mm
Weight Varies
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 241
Anime Episode 142
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Tokage (透影) is an unusual and mysterious phantom creature from Gourmet World that has the uncanny ability to morph its body from solid to liquid.


Tokage merges with the ground

The Tokage turning into liquid.

The Tokage is a large black mass with the appearance of a snake with yellow eyes and slit red pupils. It is able to change its shape freely from a solid state to a liquid one and can change its size and form freely. It has slitted irises and a forked tongue, similar to a snake. It has no visible nostrils from what can be seen. The tip of its tail is rounded and flat like a platform.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tokage transforms

The Tokage is capable of turning its body into a black liquid-like substance at will and alter its size and form as it pleases. Because of this it can alter its shape into several forms, such a cloth-like form that can wrap around its owner's body or the shape of a compressed spinning disc far smaller than its true form. This also means it can nullify damage deriving from impacts, as seen when it plummeted to the ground and liquefied. By changing its shape into that of a spinning disc, it is capable of hovering in midair, giving it the appearance of a flying saucer; others can stand on it while in this form without spinning themselves, making it an ideal platform for travel. This shows that it possesses great mastery over its entire physiology.

The Tokage can also split itself into many liquid clones that are able to freely move underground and transport people in flight by wrapping around their bodies. It is also possible it has very good hearing, as it obeyed Joie when the latter was up in the sky.

  • Levitation: By condensing itself and spinning at high speeds, it can create enough centripetal force to oppose gravity and float.
  • Cloning: Tokage has shown an ability to clone itself and appear in front of multiple targets.
  • Liquification: Tokage is able to liquify itself upon impact with the ground showing its ability to avoid damage and conceal itself.
  • Teleportation: Tokage can act as a wormhole to transport one or more persons from one place to another by liquefying and having them step on its body, thus causing them to sink and reemerge somewhere else.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Joie arrived at the Cooking Festival on a flying black disk which turned out to be a transformed Tokage who quickly shifted back into its real form and dropped to the ground where it quickly dissolved into liquid and wrapped itself around Joie's body.

When Midora is about to attack Cooking Island, Joie orders Tokage to take away all NEO members present in the area for safety and escape. It splits into clones to retrieve and take away all of them from the stadium.



  • The Tokage is the work of 内村発久-san from Saitama Prefecture.
  • Tokage is the Japanese word for "lizard" but it's made up of the kanji for "Transparent" and "Shadow".


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