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Tom's Anime Design
Japanese 十夢 (トム)
Romanized Tomu
English Tom
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday October 6th
Age 25 (start of the series);
29 (Post Time-Skip)
Status Alive
Height 180 cm
Weight 70 kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Toriko, Komatsu, World Kitchen
Occupation Ship Captain, Food Vendor
Partner Toriko
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed wife
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 1
Anime Episode 2
Japanese Keiji Fujiwara (OVA)
Tetsuya Kakihara (Anime)
English Jerome Fifty-Seven
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Tom (十夢トム Tomu) is a ship captain and a wholesaler at the World Kitchen and an old friend of Toriko's who often helps him by ferrying him to his hunting destinations or giving him information on certain ingredients. He and Toriko have both a friendly and professional relationship and he often sells ingredients captured by Toriko.[1]


Tom Designs.pngTom Expressions.png

Tom is a tall and muscular dark-skinned man with untamed black hair who is commonly seen wearing white pants and a white shirt with an oriental dragon design on the back. He is always seen wearing a yellow cap with the words "GOURMET" printed on it and a pair of pink-rimmed sunglasses with purple lenses. Another notable feature is a long scar running down his left eye (the origins of it though have yet to be revealed). In Episode 2 of the anime and in the Toriko 3D Movie, Tom had lighter skin color and brown hair. In the Toriko Jump Special OVA he still had dark skin and black hair but his sunglasses were gold-rimmed and had black lenses and his cap was blue and white instead of yellow, he also had a blue shirt instead of white.

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He is a brave man who never appears to show fear even in dangerous locations like the Baron Archipelago and always has a cool and calm disposition. He is also a kind person, an example being his willingness to help his friends and others when in need, such as when he offered to give Komatsu ingredients for when he was making Century Soup.

The anime shows that he is somewhat insecure without his sunglasses and will immediately try to cover his face if they are taken from him.


He is a skilled sailor and can easily travel through rough seas on his ship without any inconvenience and his ship appears to be incredibly endurant, able to break through jagged rocks with ease. He can also tell how much someone weighs the moment they set foot on his ship.



A young Tom with Toriko.

Not much is know about Tom's past, however at some point, he met the young Gourmet Hunter, Toriko, and the two formed a close partnership. From then on, Tom would sell any goods that Toriko would catch and offer Toriko transportation or info when he needed it.

Galala Gator Arc[]

Tom with Toriko and Komatsu.

Tom accompanies Toriko and Komatsu to capture the Galala Gator to some extent and helps them to reach Baron Archipelago. While on board, Tom explains about Toriko's sense of smell to Komatsu and warns him of the dangers to come. After treading through a sea full of jagged rocks they arrive at Baron Bog, where he prepares a raft for the duo so they can continue their journey through the murky bog alone while he remained on his ship.

Rainbow Fruit Arc[]

Tom runs into Komatsu at the Central Gourmet Wholesale Market and tells him that Toriko will deliver some ingredients. He explains to Komatsu what the Fruit of Rainbow is. He also gives Toriko some Golden Caviar as a gift for sharing a part of the Rainbow Fruit.

BB Corn Arc[]

Toriko visits Tom and asks him if he found some good ingredients. He said he found BB Corn and tells Toriko its in the Wu Jungle.

Century Soup Arc[]

Toriko invites Tom and a bunch of other guests to his new Candy Castle. They end up eating the entire structure.

Gatsukatsu Curry Arc[]

Tom helps Toriko and the others look for ingredients for the Gatsukatsu Curry by escorting them to the Islandhorse where the ingredients can by found.

Toriko's Break Arc[]

He takes Toriko, Komatsu to the Surprise Apple farm for the Surprise Apple Festival.

Golden Wheat Arc[]

Tom (with his sunglasses taken by Toriko) stands before the fields of Golden Wheat.

Tom was asked by Toriko and Komatsu to ferry them to Golden Wheat Island to collect Golden Wheat for Setsuno. However this proved to be a bit difficult as the island could not be found at first until they were forced to ask for directions. They then discover the location of the island and find out that it gives off a brilliant golden glow that acts as a "lighthouse" to the local ships. Upon reaching the shore of the island, they arrive to the vast fields of Golden Wheat.

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

Tom is seen again fairing Toriko and Komatsu to the Heavy Drinker Archipelago, where they hope to find the island's prized ingredient, King Vinegar. He manages to easily sail them through the Liquor Sea and drops them off at Drunken Frenzy Island.

Four Beast Arc[]

Tom and a bunch of Gourmet Wholesalers supply Komatsu with ingredients to make enough Medicinal Mochi for everybody who got poisoned by the Four Beast. Sometime after the Four Heavenly Kings defeated the Four Beast, Tom gathered some rare ingredients so he and Toriko could have a friendly meal together. It was then that they discussed the upcoming Cooking Festival, Komatsu's participation in it and the change it might bring.

Billion Bird Arc[]

After Toriko returned from his year and a half trip in Gourmet World and his reunion with Terry Cloth, Tom came to greet him with a special bottle of booze that he had been saving for his return. The two then reminisced and relaxed. Tom then wished his friend luck before he prepared to leave for Gourmet World, knowing full well of the importance his mission held.

AIR Arc[]

Tom was one of the many people who went to the World Kitchen to say their goodbyes to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu before they set off to Gourmet World.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Toriko Jump Special[]

Tom makes an appearance in the Toriko Jump Special, which follows the plot of the Galala Gator Arc. In this special his outfit had a different color scheme.

Toriko 3D Movie[]

In Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!!, Tom makes an appearance near the beginning of the film where he meets a young boy named Peku who seeks Toriko's help. He then escorts him to Toriko's location on his ship, The Gastro Gig. He is later seen near the end of the film where he meets up with Peku again who has managed to capture a Red Haired Pig. Tom compliments him on his achievement and then shows him Toriko's impressive capture, a giant Mammoth Bear.



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