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Ton 3.png
Japanese トン
Romanized Ton
English Ton
Aliases Culinary Speedster
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday August 13
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Mach
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 213
Anime Episode 126
Japanese N/A
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Ton (トン), the Culinary Speedster (料理のスピードスター Ryōri no Supīdosutā), is the master of Mach Cooking (マッハクッキング Mahhakukkingu), a world renowned chef, and one of the fastest cooks alive, claiming his incredibly fast skills allow him to do twice the work of an entire army of chefs.[1] His mach speed skills and cuisine have landed him a spot in the prestigious IGO Chef Ranking at number 33, making him one of the greatest chefs in the world. He is also the owner and head chef of the speedy cuisine restaurant, "Mach".


Side view of Ton's face.

Ton is a tall and very muscular man with light-skin and a pronounced beak-like nose that points downwards. He wears what appears to be leather armor that covers his chest and lower body along with an armor plated headband (held in place with four safety-pins looking piercings at the sides of his face) and wristbands. He also wears a dark colored apron with a "1" on it, most likely symbolizing Mach 1 which is the speed of sound. His long blond hair is also oddly shaped as it is pointed straight up like a chef's hat.

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Ton's obsession with speed.

He appears to be a friendly and jovial individual who prides himself on his speed, often boasting his great skill. He also appears to have a rivalry with fellow speedy chef Nerimaru. He is not afraid to speak his mind, as shown when he rudely misinterpreted Nerimaru's slanted eyes as him being asleep, although it was likely that he was just trying to annoy his rival. However his pride in his speed also makes him seem a bit arrogant.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ranking 33rd in the IGO Chef Ranking, Ton is a chef of great skills. As his moniker suggests, he possesses a great deal of speed, demonstrated when he ran a short distance from Zaus and Setsuno in the first part of the Triathlon, a true testament to his great speed. He is also strong enough to handle the Scum Beasts that invaded Cooking Fest.

Chef Skills[]

Ton's super speedy cooking style.

Being ranked number 33 on the World Gourmet Chef Rankings shows that Ton is one of the top 40 greatest chefs in the world and therefore his skills as a chef are of the highest quality, and he claims to be capable of doing twice the work of an entire army of chefs in little time. However, fellow high ranking chef Kamizaru has commented that Ton's obsession with speed and that faster skills does not equal better, which may indicate that his overuse of speed may affect the quality of his food, however this remains unconfirmed. Ton claims that he is capable of cooking the special preparation dish Medicinal Mochi without a problem and that he can make millions of them with speedy ease.


Ton using Mach Pedal small.gif

Mach Pedal (マッハペダル Mahha Pedaru): When he rides a bike, Ton pedals swiftly to increase his speed, as he did when he saw that Brunch was reaching him in the anime.


Cooking Festival Arc[]

Ton teases his speedy rival Nerimaru before the Triathlon.

Ton is first seen at Cooking Fest joining the conversation between Komatsu, Wabutora and Granny Kama, saying that he was more impressed with Komatsu's simplification of the Medicinal Mochi than his discovery of Mors Oil and that if he was there during the Four Beast incident, then he would have helped him with the preparation of the Medicinal Mochi and that he could have cooked twice the number of them. Nerimaru then joins the conversation and boasts that he would have cooked 4 times more mochi than Ton, but Ton just teased and commented that he did not believe his boasts to his rotund body shape which he deemed unfit for speedy cooking, and he claimed that he would still be able to cook faster than him. He then teased Nerimaru about his very slanted and narrows eyes which made him look like he was sleeping, this greatly aggravated Nerimaru causing his eyelids to burst open. Kamizaru then appears and scolds both speedy chefs by telling them that faster does not mean better, which intimidates everyone due to his convincing features.

Ton and Zaus gaining on Wabutora during the swimming portion.

Ton then participates in the first event in the Cooking Festival, the Triathlon Cooking which is a three part race consisting of swimming, cycling and running across Cooking Island. Ton displayed his abilities as a very fast swimmer during the first half and was able to finish 3rd in the first part of the triathlon, after Setsuno and Zaus and followed by Wabutora and Mami which he easily outruns and outswims.

Ton during the cycling portion.

During the second part of the Triathlon, which was cycling, Ton was able to peddle his way past the other competitors and when Tengu Brunch arrived, he easily accelerated his speed and got far ahead of him, eventually though, Brunch was able to pass him and the rest and break the stone bridge to the final half, which caused Ton and Moh to plummet to the canyon below.

The chefs (including Ton) prepare for battle.

Despite this, he was able to finish the triathlon, likely behind Brunch, Setsuno, Zaus and Yuda, and was able to complete all three preliminary events: Triathlon Cooking, Death Scale Cooking (with ease thanks to his remarkable speedy cooking) and Entire Island Cooking, and was able to reach the Championship Cooking match, where his opponent would be his rival Nerimaru. However the Cooking Festival came to an abrupt end due to the sudden attack by the Gourmet Corp. who had come to kidnap all the festival's high-ranking chefs. Despite the grim outlook, Ton and several other chefs refused to leave and stood within the stadium ready to fight the Gourmet Corp.'s army of Scum Beasts.

Ton survived and managed to evade capture by the Gourmet Corp., as he was seen with Setsuno and others chefs in front of Frozen Mountain after the fall of Meteor Spice.


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