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Japanese 二鉤鳥 (ふたかぎどり)
Romanized Futakagidori
Aliases Giant Mystery Bird
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Type Bird
Capture Level 6
Diet BB Corn
Habitat Wul Jungle (Northern Wul Continent)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 58
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The Top Hookbird (二鉤鳥 Futakagidori) is a massive bird beast residing in the Wul Jungle area of the Northern Wul Continent.


Top Hookbirds, as their name indicates are gigantic avian beasts with round feathery bodies, small feet with only two digits and claws, large wings and even larger tail feathers with decorative patterns, a very large beak filled with sharp teeth, and large bulging eyes.


They feed on the giant (but smaller than them) Blue Blood Corn which grows on the tree tops of the Wul Jungle. Luckily, the Blue Blood Corn's fibers and stalk are incredibly tough and its roots are deeply planted within the jungle, thus making it difficult for the Top Hookbirds to pluck and overeat them into extinction.


BB Corn ArcEdit

Several of these birds flew above the Wul Jungle after Toriko found the BB Corn on the jungle's tree tops. After seeing them, Toriko guessed that it was because of them that the BB Corn rooted itself so deep into the jungle.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • The Top Hookbirds were completely removed from the anime. However a breed of birds known as Volcano Weathercocks bear a passing resemblance to these giant birds, although they are far smaller in size with some no larger than Sunny's Helicopter.


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