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Toriko's Sweets House
Toriko house.jpg
Japanese スウィーツハウス
Romanized Suu~ītsuhausu
Location Unknown valley near the World Kitchen
Affiliation Toriko, Terry Cloth, Ob
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Episode 18
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Toriko's House was a small two-story house made of candy and sweets and it was here where Toriko resided with Terry Cloth and Ob. During Toriko's absence in the country of Life, the house was eaten by wildlife, but with the help of the Gourmet Architect Smile he was able to build a new larger candy house, however this house was quickly eaten by Toriko and his friends during a party. It was later rebuilt again, this time resembling the first version of the house (with slight differences) and a dog house for Terry. It is located on top of a hill in a nature-filled valley somewhere that appears to be near the World Kitchen.

After Toriko's year and a half trip within Gourmet World, it can be presumed that the house was eaten again by wildlife or was destroyed by the Meteor Spice.

Surrounding Area[]

The surrounding area where the house is located is mostly a wild expanse of nature with no signs of other human settlements visible. The area is inhabited by many regular beasts of low capture levels, the area also has numerous sweets hot spots where one can collect many delicious natural confections and candies, such as Mushroom Pudding forests and Natural Chocolate Fountains (ideal as Toriko can easily collect materials for a new Sweet House from any of these nearby locations).

Listed below is some of the animals and ingredients seen in this region:

Many of the sweet ingredients located in the area.




Toriko's sweet house.JPG
Toriko's original Sweet House
Toriko's original Sweet house (manga)
Toriko's Castle (manga)
Toriko house.jpg
Toriko SweetsHouse.jpg
Toriko's House in the anime
Toriko's House during autumn


  • It is possible that this area was where Toriko caught the Pincer Fish and the Five-Tailed Giant Eagle in his first appearance.
  • In the anime's first ending theme Satisfaction, it is shown that numerous regular animals such as elephants, primates, sheep, bisons, kangaroos, and squirrels reside in this region however these creatures have never been seen residing near this region in the manga.

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