Toriko post-time skip.png

Toriko US.png

Japanese トリコ
Romanized Toriko
English Toriko
Aliases The Glutton;
Charismatic Gourmet Hunter
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday May 25, 475 GA
Age 25 (start of the series);
29 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 220 cm
Weight 230 Kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Four Heavenly Kings;
Rin (wife)
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Komatsu;
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiryu (adoptive father);
Rin (wife);
Starjun (twin brother);
Acacia (father);
Froese (mother);
Sunny (brother-in-law);
Pets Terry Icon.png and Ob
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Game Toriko: Gourmet Survival
Japanese Takashi Kondo (In OVAs);
Ryōtarō Okiayu (TV Anime & Movie)
English Ian Sinclair
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Hunting Method[edit | edit source]

Toriko relies on his sheer physical strength to capture his targets; a strength that even enables him to enter the Gourmet World. He also utilizes his inhuman sense of smell, which has been said to surpass that of a dog's, in order to locate and gather information about his targets.

Superhuman Strength[edit | edit source]

Toriko breaks iron ore small.gif

Toriko's Gourmet Cells' main special ability is the enormous strength he can display. At the very beginning of the series, Toriko demonstrated immense strength, easily wielding a 76 mm steel rod wrapped with elevator cable as a fishing pole, and using it to pull from the sky a bird-like beast which tried to make off with his catch. Even at this early point, Toriko could easily take down beasts several times his own size with his bare hands and shatter boulders or enormous walls with a single punch. Toriko's phenomenal growth has reached the point that his punches can now shatter mountains, and the mere act of clenching his fist is enough to cause a gust of wind. Upon returning from the Gourmet World he could carry a massive rice bowl filled with an untold amount of ingredients, an object roughly the size of a city, without any effort. He could also launch said ingredients across the whole Human World, facilitating a Rain of Food.

After consuming GOD and Ogre, Toriko can, with a single punch and seeming ease, launch an opponent completely around the planet.[1]

Superhuman Smell[edit | edit source]

His enhanced sense as one of the Four Heavenly Kings is the smell. He uses his highly developed sense of smell in order to gather information. For example, he was able to determine that a female Battle Wolf was pregnant by the faint scent of amniotic fluid. He is even capable of detecting pheromones with his sense of smell, although he couldn't actually smell it. He can use smell alone to fight in complete darkness, although not very effectively. He was also able to detect Mellow Cola inside a Salamander Sphinx's tear ducts. With it, he has been able to fight in complete darkness and locate the Jewel Meat from the inside of a Regal Mammoth.

After Toriko's return from Gourmet World, his enhanced sense of smell has evolved into a whole new level. His enhanced sense of smell allows him to not only trace an individual creature but a multitude of creatures that have passed a certain location. This sense of smell is also highly tuned in that it can trace back the faintest of scents from the distant past as long as the original location still remained, even if there's only a small part of the location left. This means that even after a place has changed so much (like the state of the 1st Biotope after Zebra's rampage), if there is a source of origin (such as a small bit of the original surface) he can track down any and every creature that has passed through the area regardless of when they passed the area. His sense of smell has also developed to the point of being able to detect areas that are otherwise invisible to any creature, such as the Rest Room which Ichiryu had built, which could not be detected by any of the other Four Heavenly King's superhuman senses. 

Devil Sense.png

Devil Sense (悪魔の嗅覚デビルセンス Debiru Sensu, literally meaning "Devil's Sense of Smell"): Toriko uses his enhanced nose to inhale deeply. With his incredible sense of smell, he can learn everything about a target, almost like pulling out the target's soul. It is on par with the Wolf King's signature skill, Guinness Search.[2]

Knocking[edit | edit source]


Toriko is skilled enough to Knock one extremely sensitive Puffer Whale within an hour of trying, using just one finger from his left hand.[3] Later on he is able to use this skill on a Grand Shark. Toriko's skill in Knocking is impressive, though not exceptional, and he mainly uses it when facing beasts he does not wish to eat, such as when he faces the Troll Kongs, using a basic Knocking Gun, due to his doctrine of not killing anything he is not going to eat. He is able to knock quite a few of them before rain washes the scent of the weakest Troll Kong off of him so he could use his Intimidation.

Life Erase[edit | edit source]

Life Erase is a technique that erases his presence, allowing him to get close to an animal without it being aware. Toriko is able to use this technique almost immediately after seeing Coco use it while hunting Puffer Whales.[4]

Instinct/Intuition[edit | edit source]

Instinct/Intuition is a technique where the user stops all useless thoughts and fights based on instinct gained from all the fighting experience one has gained. Toriko learns this immediately after hearing about it from Sunny. His prowess is then displayed in his fight against the Hannya Panda, a ferocious beast with a Capture Level of 80, by avoiding the monster's rampage-induced movements and countering it almost instantaneously.

Intuitive Learning[edit | edit source]

Toriko has displayed the ability to almost instantly learn techniques after seeing them only once, such as learning how to erase his presence from Coco after witnessing it once and picking up Sunny's ability to use instinct after hearing about it. He was also able to learn and master top-class Food Honor in a week's time.

Food Honor[edit | edit source]

After training in Food Honor at the Chowlin Temple, Toriko managed to increase the speed and strength of his attacks several times over, by both cutting down on useless movements and increasing his concentration. This, in turn, reduces calorie consumption and makes his attacks capable of more delicate handling, allowing him to last longer in combat since his techniques originally had a poor calorie consumption rate. After he acquired Food Immersion, his techniques' power increased.

Toriko Food Immersion 2.jpg

Food Immersion (食没 Shokubotsu): When nearly starving to death on the Bubble Way near the Chowlin Temple, Toriko began to express true, pure appreciation for food, and by that he grasped the secret technique of Food Honor that is "Food Immersion". Toriko is now able to immerse himself with a meal and by that, able to absorb and save more nutrients from it inside his body than normally possible. Much like with Master Chin Chinchin this will help him store almost unlimited amounts of energy inside his body, enabling him to survive for abnormal time spans without food or water and supporting his overall stamina. In the anime, after learning Food Honor, when Toriko shows his red aura, it changes to a yellow and green one, depending on the scene.

Routines[edit | edit source]

After learning Food Honor, Aimaru taught Toriko about Routines. When Toriko uses Routines, his attacks cause his opponent to see their death before it happens, similar to intimidation. Prior to learning the Ultimate Routine, Toriko used a much simpler original Routine, in which he forms his hands into Fork and Knife, and then 'clangs' them against each other twice.

Toriko's Ultimate Routine.png

Conduct of the King: Ultimate Routine (王の所作アルティメットルーティーン Ō no Shosa: Arutimetto Rūtīn): The "supreme" routine taught to Toriko by Aimaru. By imagining a scenario or event strongly enough, a person is able to cause an impression of that scenario or event strong enough that it actually occurs, whether that be imagining stress and forming an ulcer or imagining an attack succeeding and having it actually succeed. It is an entirely mental concept, but it increases one's focus and accuracy exponentially. This for example allowed Toriko to launch Flying Forks and Knives at the correct trajectories and timings to completely surround Starjun in 360 degrees. To fully utilize the effects of the technique requires an astonishing level of concentration and self-confidence, and depending on the difficulty of the desired impression the energy required can be enormous, as Toriko states it uses a mammoth level of calories. When Toriko uses this technique, those in range will hear the 'clang' sounds that Toriko did with his original Routine, before they see his 'image', though he doesn't actually do this. With this technique, he was able to briefly dominate Starjun during their fight. After Toriko's year and a half journey into the Gourmet World, this routine became extremely powerful to the extent that Toriko's image is able to defeat beasts of a Capture Level between 500 and 600, without the need to fight them.

Skin Respiration[edit | edit source]

After eating AIR, Toriko's Gourmet Cells' skin respiration process is drastically increased. The force of the air inhaled and exhaled is comparable to that of a jet plane. When Toriko uses techniques to exploit this side of his metabolism, he adds "Jet" to the name of the attack.[5]

Gourmet Cells[edit | edit source]

Toriko is one of the relatively few people worldwide whose bodies possess Gourmet Cells. According to Ichiryu, Toriko was born with them. These cells evolve as Toriko consumes delicious foods that suit the cells' 'tastes'. Toriko's senses and physical limits are drastically enhanced each time his cells 'level up'. Grinpatch observed that the level of growth that Toriko's cells experience when evolving is "abnormally high." After Toriko is mortally wounded, Chichi feeds him cells from several Red Nitro, including itself;[6] this dramatically increases his strength.

His cells are compatible with Ozone Herb,[7] Poison Potato,[8] and AIR.[9]

Appetite Demons[edit | edit source]

Toriko Three Demons.png
Main article: Ogre
Main article: Blue Demon
Main article: White Demon

Toriko's Gourmet Cells are also unique in comparison to his fellow Heavenly Kings in that he has not one but multiple Appetite Demons within him. They can determine which demon awakens depending on his situation. In Toriko's fight with Heracles, Ogre, the Red Demon, deems itself unable to fight and awakens the second Appetite Demon, the Blue Demon (青鬼 Ao Oni), who is far superior in terms of power but is far too unstable, meaning it can kill Toriko if his body cannot hold out.[10] The demons also seem to be made of their own individual cells, as the Blue Demon referred to Ogre as the Red Cells (赤い細胞 Akai Saibō).[11] Toriko can manifest Ogre and Blue Demon at will and simultaneously.[12]

Toriko's original demon

The White Demon is his original Appetite Demon; however, it is too strong for Toriko to handle for even a moment. It has wings on its back, long hair pulled into a ponytail, pointed ears, and three scars on its face-matching Toriko's.[13] During his fight against Guinness, Toriko learns about his demons.[14] Komatsu saw the third demon when he entered the World of Souls.[15] While asleep for most of Toriko's life, it awakens after Komatsu opens the Golden Can.[13] Later Acacia briefly sees an image of the demon when he tries to kill Toriko, which in turn frightens him so much that he punches away the Heavenly King.[16]

During his fight with Starjun, Toriko's overwhelming desire to protect Komatsu causes his cells to manifest physically in the form of Ogre. With one punch it inflicts immense damage to Starjun, punching a hole through him. This is quite a feat since Starjun is the second strongest fighter in the Gourmet Corp., second only to Midora.

Like the rest of the Four Heavenly Kings, Toriko's Gourmet Cells seem to be quite compatible with Acacia's Full Course. Here is a list of the changes depending on the course eaten:

  • AIR:[9] Toriko's Gourmet Cells start to awake and he has more control over them than before. He can even morph his left arm into the arm of Ogre and change its size and length.[17] His skin has an increased respiration process that improves his attacks' speed and power, with the force akin to a jet plane.[5]
  • PAIR:[18] Toriko's Gourmet Cells awakens in his right arm, allowing him to morph his right arm into that of Ogre. The arm has the same properties as his left arm (skin respiration, increased power, and speed, changes shape).
  • ANOTHER:[19] Toriko's Gourmet Cells awaken in his tongue, allowing him to morph his tongue into that of Ogre. This tongue is prehensile and able to extend its length. It also gives him the ability to comprehend the tastes of things that were previously inedible, like rocks, and reawakens tastes and memories that were forgotten.
  • NEWS:[19] Toriko's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left leg, allowing him to morph his left leg into that of Ogre. It also gives him the ability to create and maintain Back Channels by accelerating the speed of his Gourmet Cells' cellular division beyond the speed of light.[20]
  • EARTH:[19] Toriko's Gourmet Cells awaken in his right leg, allowing him to morph his right leg into that of Ogre.
  • ATOM:[19] Toriko's Gourmet Cells awaken in his head and torso (except his brain and heart), allowing him to morph his head and torso into that of Ogre.
  • GOD:[21] Toriko's Gourmet Cells awaken in his brain.
  • CENTER:[21] Toriko's Gourmet Cells awaken in his heart.

Intimidation[edit | edit source]


Toriko's Intimidation takes the form of Ogre, a giant Hannya demon. Its appearance grows more demonic the angrier he gets. The color of the intimidation aura is reddish pink in the anime (purple in the OVA). Toriko can also artificially increase the level of his Intimidation by using Rin's Battle Fragrance. After rescuing Komatsu from the Gourmet Corp, Toriko is capable of projecting his Intimidation into colossal sizes, which he first demonstrates when facing Heracles, one of the Eight Kings. Toriko projects a colossal intimidation that nears the size of the Horse King herself, whose own size dwarfs other giant creatures, such as the Janus Unicorn and Daruma Horse.

Enbu[edit | edit source]

After being defeated by Bambina, a member of the Eight Kings, Toriko learns Enbu from "Kaka" and several masters. This allows him to unite the will of all 60 trillion cells in his body, resulting in a drastic increase in his speed, power, and perception to the point where he can keep up with Bambina. He also becomes able to ward off external forces such as attacks and even the extreme gravity of 100G Mountain. He can also sync up his cells with the other Heavenly Kings, allowing for more powerful joint attacks and sharing/combining of abilities. This ability requires massive concentration and easily falls apart if even a single cell is out of alignment; due to this, his Enbu falls apart if he manifests his Appetite Demon. 

Toriko, while using Enbu, can use the secret techniques associated with Enbu as well as increase the power of his existing offensive moves such as Nail Punch. While in this state, he adds the word "Enbu" to the name of his attacks.  

Battle Techniques[edit | edit source]

Appetite Energy[edit | edit source]

Toriko's Fork and Knife.

Appetite Energy is pure cellular energy emitted from Gourmet Cells to the outside of the body, and can only be brought about when one possesses an immense appetite. Throughout the series, Toriko has subconsciously been using an introductory version of it in the form of his two main moves, Fork and Knife, though only managed to use the true form of this ability during his battle against the Four Beast, alongside the other Heavenly Kings as a Combo Technique. In the manga, the Forks and Knives Toriko creates are shown as ordinary silverware ones, as if they were tangible. In the anime, they resemble blue energy and he emits a blue light from his hands while doing so.

First Part: Human World Saga[edit | edit source]

Offensive Moves[edit | edit source]

Fork Sand Flower Fish small.gif
Toriko cuts Grinpatch's straw with this Knife
Fork (フォーク Fōku) and Knife (ナイフ Naifu): The first of Toriko's hunting attacks. He forms his left hand into a 'claw' position (Fork) and his right into a 'chopping' position (Knife). With Toriko's strength he can easily pierce into a beast with his Fork then quickly cut them with his Knife, which has been shown to be able to cleanly cut through a Don Acorn. The Knife and Fork are somehow extremely sharp, able to cut or pierce through stone and steel, and even dent a freshly sharpened Melk Kitchen Knife

Toriko Knocking Puffer Whale

Single Fingered Fork (Unnamed): Toriko uses his Fork hand, but to increase its piercing power and reduce its surface area uses his index finger. This move was first used on a Puffer Whale to perform knocking on it

Fork Nail Punch

Fork Nail Punch (フォーク釘パンチ Fōku Kugi Panchi): A technique first seen against Starjun. Toriko, rather than scattering or concentrating it, combines the stabbing power of his Fork with the penetrative power of a Nail Punch, raising its overall piercing strength considerably. It's a technique produced by Toriko's image of his routine. He has been shown to be able to control and change its course from a distance as well. 70-Hit Fork Nail Punch is his current known maximum

60-Hit Knife Nail Gun small.gif

Knife Nail Gun (ナイフネイルガン Naifu Neiru Gan): By combining the cutting ability of his Knife to the piercing strength in Nail Gun Toriko creates a powerful attack, capable of causing considerable damage. When he first used the technique against Starjun, he took the hits as high as 60

Flying Fork
Flying Fork (フライングフォーク Furaingu Fōku) and Flying Knife (フライングナイフ Furaingu Naifu): After consuming the Jewel Meat of an adult Regal Mammoth and the BB Corn, Toriko's Fork and Knife have gained ranged attack capability, though currently they seem to be effective only at mid-range. These 'Flying' attacks, speculated by Toriko himself to be composed of Appetite Energy released subconsciously, are portrayed as actual forks and knives flying towards the target. There is a singular type which fires a single Fork or Knife and a Rapid-Fire Type (連射型 Rensha-Gata) which shoots 30 smaller Forks or Knives. Through Food Honor, Toriko can send out countless of them without worrying about exerting his strength. According to Toriko himself, his Forks are as durable as iron. By the time of the Cooking Festival Arc, he has shown to have complete control of the Flying Fork and Flying Knife, capable of sending them in at virtually any angle. By guiding these techniques through his sense of smell, he gave his attacks the ability to home in on his opponent's scent. Using the Rapid Fire Type version and the Homing version of both Flying Fork and Flying Knife simultaneously and combined with the Ultimate Routine, Toriko can send them omnidirectionally to his opponent, making it look like a storm of forks and knives that falls from every direction to the target. This technique was flawless enough to force Starjun to use his Burner Knife. The second time Toriko used this technique he sent them so all of them fly through the same route, like a single one

Chiyo's foot stabbed

Stabbing Knife (unnamed): After learning Food Honor, Toriko created a new version of Knife. Unlike his ordinary Knife attack which slices, Toriko uses this technique to stab into his opponent like he would with Fork. He first used this technique to stab Chiyo's foot, pinning her in place

Cannon Fork & Leg Boomerang

Cannon Fork (キャノンフォーク Kyanon Fōku): A technique derived from the Flying Fork. Toriko sends out an untold amount of Flying Forks (which he can now achieve thanks to Food Honor) in which they merge into one powerful fork. This move was first use on Gaoh after its leg was cut by Toriko’s Leg Boomerang

Toriko attacks Starjun with Twin Cannon Fork

Twin Cannon Fork (ツインキャノンフォーク Tsuin Kyanon Fōku): Toriko projects with his arms two smaller sized Cannon Forks to send them out at the enemy. It was first seen used against Starjun during a filler scene of their battle

Toriko adds sense of smell to techs.gif

Smell Knife and Smell Fork (Unnamed): A Flying Knife and Flying Fork infused with Toriko's Devil Sense. It was first used against Starjun.

Leg Fork
Leg Knife
Leg Fork (レッグフォーク Reggu Fōku) and Leg Knife (レッグナイフ Reggu Naifu): During his battle with Tommyrod, one of Toriko's arms is blown off and the other rendered useless, so he switches to using Fork and Knife with his legs. Because the legs have 3-4 times the muscle strength of the arms, these are far more powerful then Toriko's regular Fork and Knife, even cutting and piercing straight through Tommyrod's powered-up form.[22] Like the hand-based Fork and Knife, the Leg Fork and Leg Knife have long-ranged variations, called in some videogames Flying Leg Knife and Flying Leg Fork.

Leg Boomerang (レッグブーメラン Reggu Būmeran): A technique derived from the Leg Knife. It can home in on the opponent through the delicate control Toriko attained through “Food Honor” and “Intuition”. This move was first used on Gaoh to prevent it from dodging his Fork Cannon. Leg boomerang seems to have enough power to scare Gaoh out of the way while causing a deep fissure in its wake and cut Gaoh's muscular body cleanly in half

Toriko sends a Twin Leg Boomerang to Starjun

Twin Leg Boomerang (ツインレッグブーメラン Tsuin Reggu Būmeran): Toriko sends two Flying Leg Knives consecutively one after another with his right leg, these ones then synchronize with the same position forming an x-shaped Flying Leg and separate symmetrically to fly back to the enemy. It was first seen used against Starjun during a filler scene of their battle

Leg 50-Hit Knife & Single Stroke Grill Cut small.gif

Leg #-Hit Knife (レッグ#連ナイフ Reggu #-Ren Naifu): Toriko sends multiple concentrated Leg Knives. First used against Starjun to cut his Burner Knife. 50 hits is his current maximum amount

Leg 50-Hit Fork and Fire Shield.gif

Leg #-Hit Fork (レッグ#連ナイフ Reggu #-Ren Fōku): Toriko sends multiple concentrated Leg Forks. First used against Starjun. 50-Hit is his current maximum. It was first used against Starjun during the outcome of the battle on the anime

Toriko using Fork Shield Twin Kugi Punch.gif
3-Hit Nail Punch
#-Hit Nail Punch (#-連釘パンチ #-Ren Kugi Panchi, #-Fold Spiked Punch on English dub): Toriko can create a punch so powerful that it can easily break through concrete and steel, and knock out even extremely powerful beasts; this is one of Toriko's most potent and signature move. After building up power in his arm, Toriko unleashes it as a flurry of straight jabs that seem to hit the target simultaneously, creating a number of surreal, delayed shockwaves. By straining his muscles even more he can land more hits in the same instant; the power increases immensely with every additional hit. Toriko likens the effect to a hammer repeatedly striking a nail, hence the name of the technique. At the series beginning, Toriko could use up to a Five-Hit Nail Punch which when scattered was strong enough to create a massive hole in an approximately 40 foot thick wall of concrete and steel at an IGO Biotope. He later develops it to ten hits after consuming the Jewel Meat, thirteen after having his arm regenerated and eating the Century Soup, fifteen after eating the Ozone Herb and seventeen after further Autophagy, then eighteen after drinking the Mellow Cola. After consecutive Nail Punches, his arm will become sore or even numb. His latest achieved maximum is 70-hit with one arm, and 100-hit when he transformed into Sunshine Toriko. Toriko can also impale the ground with both fists in order to send various shockwaves of Nail Punch that spread underground and then rise to the surface in a radial pattern. He was first seen using it to prevent Phantom Beast Heracs from chasing Mappy's Croakswagon and to make them draw their attention to himself

Scattered Kugi Punch Part 1.jpg
Scattered Kugi Punch Part 2.jpg
Scattered Type (拡散型 Kakusan-Gata): Toriko usually uses the scattered type as the concentrated type requires much higher levels of concentration and is more detrimental to his arm.

Concentrated Type (集中型 Shūchū-Gata): It has a greater piercing power than the scattered type, due to its narrower scope. When he uses the concentrated type, the muscles in his arm grow to incredible proportions and begin giving off high amounts of body heat. After learning Food Honor, he could use the concentrated type like a normal punch, and each hit was stronger than the previous one.

Nail Kugi Punch

#-Hit Nail Nail Punch (#-連ネイル釘パンチ #-Ren Neiru Kugi Panchi): By combining his Nail Gun with his Nail Punch, Toriko creates a stronger version of his Nail Punch by adding his Nail Gun's piercing power. Used against Starjun during the Cooking Festival.

Nail Gun.gif

#-Hit Nail Gun (#-連ネイルガン #-Ren Neiru Gan): The evolved form of the Nail Punch. Toriko, in order to overcome the technique's biggest weakness, the lack of instant impact. Toriko has started to face opponents much faster than him that can use the windows between every Nail to keep attacking. So he developed a technique in which several Hits are released as one single Hit, resulting in an attack that is faster, more piercing and more powerful than the standard Nail Punch that also travels through the air. Currently, a 50-Hit attack is powerful enough to destroy a small mountain with ease, yet Starjun was able to withstand the barrage of such an attack, the strain of which exhausts Toriko so much he cannot use this technique consecutively

Twin Nail Gun

#-Hit Twin Nail Gun (#-連ツインネイルガン #-Ren Tsuin Neiru Gan): Like Twin Nail Punch, this doubles the power of a normal Nail Gun. Toriko directly hit Starjun's abdomen with this technique

Flying Nail Gun (フライングネイルガン Furaingu Neiru Gan): Toriko throws a punch and projects a large nail that flies at his opponent at long range. It was first seen used against the Joie, during the final events of the Cooking Festival on the anime

Leg Nail Kick

Leg Nail Kick (レッグ釘キック Reggu Kugi Kikku): Using the same principles as his Nail Punch, Toriko instead kicks at his opponent, inflicting multiple, penetrative hits, possibly even stronger than his Punch, since the leg is stronger than the arms

Ice Pick (アイスピック Aisu Pikku): Using his Fork hand, Toriko places his middle finger over his ring and index fingers. This gives him more piercing power than his Fork. Ice Pick can be combined with Nail Punch for even more piercing power. However, putting such force into a punch without a clenched fist may break his fingers, ruining his Fork hand for a while. This isn't a big problem though since Toriko heals very quickly when he eats, depending on the meal

5-Hit Ice Pik Nail Punch

Ice Pick Nail Punch (アイスピック釘パンチ Aisu Pikku Kugi Panchi): A combination of Ice Pick with 5-Hit Nail Punch with enough piercing power to completely obliterate a GT Robo's head. It was first used against Bei's GT Robo. Toriko also used this technique during a spar against Ichiryu however, the technique was easily blocked

Skewer Punch

Skewer Punch (串パンチ Kushi Panchi): A technique used in Toriko the Movie: Bishokushin's Special Menu. Toriko strikes a large ingredient with his Knife hand and creates a skewer of Appetite Energy that pierces through it

Defensive Moves[edit | edit source]

Fork Shield

Fork Shield (フォークシールド Fōku Shīrudo): After he was defeated in the Gourmet World, Toriko developed his Fork into a defensive move. After making an arch over his head and then quickly making a horizontal arch in front of him, he creates a fork, composed of Appetite Energy, which covers 360° of his body, acting as a shield capable of stopping attacks from creatures with high capture levels. The major drawback is that it requires a lot of stamina to maintain the shield. It originally took Toriko 50,000,000 calories to use it

50-Hit Fork Shield small.gif

#-Hit Fork Shield (#連フォークシールド #-Ren Fōku Shīrudo): Toriko combines his Fork Shield with his Nail Punch, thus giving Toriko a multi-layered shield

Toriko blocks Camp Fire: Strong Flame with Fork Armor

Fork Armor (フォークアーマー Fōku Āmā): Toriko wears multiple small layers of his Fork Shield to coat himself with armor for protection. It was first used against Starjun's Camp Fire: Strong Flame but it was easily melted


Autophagy (自食作用オートファジー Ōtofajī): Autophagy occurs when living beings are starved and need energy, so their cells consume other less vital parts of their body. As such, autophagy occurs when Toriko's mortal life is in peril and is activated by Ogre after asking for its aid. Autophagy temporarily restores Toriko's stamina to full for 5 minutes, in exchange Ogre eats away at Toriko's body during that time until he can replenish his stamina. Because of Toriko's high metabolism and appetite he can't go without one of his enormous meals for a long period of time without facing starvation (usually around 12 hours). After undergoing Food Honor training, Toriko learned to store even more stamina from food in his body to keep Ogre satisfied. Within this 5-minute period, Toriko needs to re-nourish his body or face serious health risks as Ogre eats away at his body, and overusing autophagy may even result in death. Toriko also seems to be capable of calling on Ogre to activate autophagy, although he technically has little choice if in combat, saying "Activate" (発動 Hatsudō) when doing so.

Joint Attacks[edit | edit source]

Poison Knocking Nail Punch (Unnamed): A combo attack done by Toriko and Coco. Coco shoots paralyzing poison and waits for it to take effect while Toriko charges up his Nail Punch. Once the poison paralyzes the target, Toriko hits the target with his attack. This was used on a Devil Serpent during the Puffer Whale Arc. The only time Toriko and Coco used this technique Toriko attacked with 5-Fold Nail Punch

Speed of Sound Nail Punch

Speed of Sound Nail Punch (音速釘パンチ Onsoku Kugi Panchi): This attack was used against the Nitro in the Gourmet Pyramid. This is a joint forced attack of Toriko working together with Zebra. Toriko prepares for a concentrated Nail Punch and Zebra launches a sound attack which can launch Toriko forward at the speed of sound, making an incredible impact when the attack connects. So far, the highest number of hits shown of this attack is 17-Hits

Super Spatula Multiplied Twin Nail Punch

Super Spatula Multiplied Twin Nail Punch (スーパーフライ返し倍ツイン釘パンチ Sūpā Furaigaeshi Bai Tsuin Kugi Panchi): A powerful joint attack used by Toriko working with Sunny. It was first used to shatter a massive 5000-meter tall mountain, a feat that would be impossible for either Toriko or Sunny individually. Toriko uses his Twin Nail Punch while Sunny uses his Super Spatula to launch the force of the attack at a target while multiplying the force of each punch over many times. So far the only number shown was Twin 36-Hit Nail Punch and 30 times Super Spatula with 300,000 strands

Poison Coated Thunder Cannon Fork

Poison-coated Thunder Cannon Fork (Unnamed): An attack only seen in the anime that combines powerful techniques of all Heavenly Kings. Toriko first projects several Flying Forks to create a Cannon Fork, then Sunny drives it with his Hair Lead which gives it momentum and a direction to strike; Coco adds a Poison Coating by firing a large amount of poison at the Fork, and finally, Zebra electrifies it with his Thunder Noise. Even though it was a mighty attack used against the Four Beast it caused minor damage to the monster as it was quickly broken

Dinner of Kings

Dinner of Kings (王食晩餐 Ō Shoku Bansan, Meal Fit for a King in the English versions): A joint attack using the effort and Appetite Energy of all Four Heavenly Kings. The Kings concentrate their all their energy into a ball of pure appetite, which, when launched, turns into a giant all-consuming maw. The attack will then proceed to consume the prey, regardless of the opponent's actions, until it is completely eaten, and form into a ball, which harmlessly bursts after some time. One of the greatest advantages of this technique is that it will only aim for the intended prey, and nothing else, leaving anything unnecessary in a separate sphere. The greatest disadvantage of this technique is that the process of making this move requires a great deal of concentration and energy, leaving the users vulnerable to attack. Furthermore, for this technique to work, the users "appetite" and "spirits" need to sync

Tornado Leg Boomerang (トルネードレッグブーメラン Torunēdo Reggu Būmeran): A technique where Toriko launches a Leg Boomerang which Sunny spins faster and faster with his Hair Tornado to create a whirlwind. It was only seen on the anime

Second Part: Gourmet World Saga[edit | edit source]

After the time skip, Toriko still uses the same techniques that he developed on the Human World Saga, but some have gotten improved after his entry on the Gourmet World.

Offensive Moves[edit | edit source]


Infinite Nail Punch (∞釘パンチ Mugen Kugi Panchi, Infinity Spike Punch): A technique seen after Toriko awakens part of his Gourmet Cells by consuming AIR, Toriko strikes his opponent with a Nail Punch of countless hits using Ogre's left arm. It is first used against Shigematsu, seemingly defeating him in no time.[23] The strength of this technique is enough to nullify the influence of Joie's Taste Change.[24]

Jet Moves[edit | edit source]

By eating AIR, Toriko gains a new power-up after developing his Gourmet Cells' skin respiration process. The force of the air inhaled and exhaled is comparable to that of a jet plane. Such air force running through the body increases Toriko's attack power immeasurably.[5]


Jet Fork (ジェットフォーク Jetto Fōku): Toriko uses his standard Fork with Ogre's left arm. When Toriko uses this attack, streams of steam are seen flowing out of his arm. The range of this attack is long enough to travel up to space. It is first used against Teppei, but misses.[25] After Toriko eats most of Acacia's Full Course and Red Nitros' cells, this attack can punch through the planet.[26]

Rapid-Fire Type Jet Fork.jpg

Rapid-Fire Type Jet Fork (連射型 ジェットフォーク Rensha-Gata Jetto Fōku): Toriko throws several Jet Forks in quick succession. It is first used against GOD, which redirects them with its tongue.[27]

Flying Jet Fork.jpg

Flying Jet Fork (フライングジェットフォーク Furaingu Jetto Fōku): Toriko generates a multiple amount of Jet Forks in the air, the aftermath is an extremely large explosion. It was first used against Acacia but he ate it.[28]


Jet Nail Punch (ジェット釘パンチ Jetto Kugi Panchi): Using a giant-sized left arm of Ogre, Toriko uses a Nail Punch with the striking power of a jet plane. It is implied that it is quite strong as it was able to clash equally against Teppei's giant wood arm. It is first used against Teppei.[29]

Jet Nailgun.jpg

Jet Nailgun (ジェットネイルガン Jetto Neirugan): Toriko uses his Nail Gun with Ogre's left arm, increasing its power. This attack appears to be long-ranged as it flies past its targets into the distance. It is first used against ATOM and PAIR.[30]

Jet Knife.png

Jet Knife (ジェットナイフ Jetto Naifu): Toriko uses his standard Knife with Ogre's right arm. The arm becomes thin and slender before the attack is launched. It is first used against Guinness, but is dodged. With Starjun's Star Slicer, it cuts a deep chasm into the earth.[31] After Toriko eats most of Acacia's Full Course and Red Nitros' cells, this attack can slice off a large section of the planet.[32]

Jet Leg Knife.jpg

Jet Leg Knife (ジェットレッグナイフ Jetto Reggu Naifu): He uses the right leg of Ogre to perform a Leg Knife.[33]

Joint Attacks[edit | edit source]

Enbu Shitennou Seiken.png

Four Heavenly Kings True Fist (四天王正拳 Shiten'nō Seiken): An Enbu Secret Technique used by all the Four Heavenly Kings. Having synchronized their 240 trillion cells in unison they put one of their arms together, causing these to fuse into a giant-sized arm. They then throw a powerful punch at their opponent to send him reeling. It has only been used against the Monkey King, dealing him a fair damage and making him bleed.

240 Trillion Sound Wall.jpg

240 Trillion: Fork Shield (240兆フォークシールド Ni Hyaku Yon Jū Chō: Fōku Shīrudo): Toriko creates a more powerful Fork Shield using the combined power of all Four Heavenly Kings.

Fire Jet Fork.jpg

Fire Jet Fork (ファイアージェットフォーク Faiā Jetto Fōku): Toriko combines his Jet Fork with Starjun's Volcano. It is first used against a piece of Neo.[34]

Adaptations[edit | edit source]

Due to his Gourmet Cells, Toriko's body has the ability to adapt and change its functions in response to environmental hazards and bodily needs. He has developed many such adaptations throughout his quest but is still being told by seniors like Ichiryu and Jiro that he will need more training to even survive the extreme climates of the Gourmet World. Since completing Ichiryu's List he is now able to adapt to a multitude of environmental changes, this allows him to enter and survive in Gourmet World.

Shivering[edit | edit source]

Toriko's Shivering

Toriko can maintain his body temperature in sub-zero temperatures simply by his natural application of Shivering (シバリング Shibaringu). This even allows him to defrost and restore frozen body parts before necrosis can set in.[35][36] Toriko has this ability thanks to his incredible metabolism, which allows him to release tens of thousands of watts of energy constantly. He has a limit of approximately two hours in these temperatures, before his training.[37]

Phytoncide[edit | edit source]


After being swarmed by 1,000 insects by Tommyrod, Toriko's Gourmet Cells start to emit the toxin which trees use to protect themselves against insects, germs, and other threats. Since he is a master of the sense of smell, his Gourmet Cells had remembered the smell of phytoncide from said trees. If he can actually produce the chemical or just imitate the smell is up for debate. The amount he emits is so potent that even a small amount is able to repel the insects and prevent them from approaching; the smell goes as far as to irritate Tommyrod.[38][39]

Immunity[edit | edit source]

Toriko is immune to over 70 different types of poisons, by injecting himself with a near-fatal dose of each poison. Toriko's body has made numerous antibodies to combat each type of poison.

Cold/Low-Air Environments[edit | edit source]

Toriko trains on the Stairway to Heaven on his way up to the Vegetable Sky for his cells to adapt to the low oxygen concentration and freezing cold. What he does is take advantage of the low temperature. The human body is not very effective at separating oxygen from carbon dioxide and the oxygen back is mostly exhaled out. However, carbon dioxide has a lower freezing point than oxygen, so when it starts to condense in Toriko's lungs he can exhale only the carbon dioxide to conserve lots of oxygen, creating the sparkling white breath that Ichiryu was talking about, and Setsuno displayed. After ingesting an Air Fruit, Toriko gains the ability to survive indefinitely in a vacuum.

High Gravity[edit | edit source]

Toriko trains in Heavy Hole to adapt to high-gravity environments by making his cells vibrate against each other to produce a powerful charge of static electricity, using it to produce an electromagnetic field that repels Toriko against the unique magnetic field of Heavy Hole, allowing him to oppose gravity to an extent. This technique consumes a lot of stamina from Toriko.

This skill becomes further refined with the addition of Enbu training, in order for him to survive on Bambina's home, the 100G Mountain.

Heat[edit | edit source]

Toriko travels to the Desert Labyrinth so his cells could adapt to extremely high-temperature environments. He develops the ability to stop his body from releasing excess water. This is something the kidneys normally do to prevent the veins from bursting for holding too much water. After evolving his Gourmet Cells by catching and consuming all the Ingredients on Ichiryu's List, Toriko is now capable of standing in fire without being affected as shown during his confrontation with Starjun at the Cooking Festival. Since he can withstand flames at multi-thousand degrees, Toriko's cells repeatedly divide at a dizzy rate, and at a fantastic speed, his body abandons burnt skin and forms a new one even when his body is charred. When Toriko is under this extreme heat condition, his body also sweats out a huge amount of moisture it has stored in order to prevent its temperature from rising at the cost of exhausting enormous amounts of energy.

Sleep[edit | edit source]

Toriko trained in the Gourmet World to allow his body to function without rest for two weeks as long as he gets an hour's rest.

The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

Filler Forms[edit | edit source]

These are forms shown only in the anime adaptation and that did not take part in the manga canon.

Sunshine Toriko[edit | edit source]

Sunshine Toriko

During the events of Toriko the Movie: Bishokushin's Special Menu, Toriko drinks a drop of the Corona Sunflower after being defeated by Girim while using Autophagy. The revitalizing effects of the Corona Sunflower not only healed Toriko but also gave him an enormous power up. Physically, Toriko's body shines yellow, with a strong light inside his chest and his hair has a glimmering too. In this mode, Toriko unleashes bursts of light whenever he attacks. The amount of power given by the Corona Sunflower is so high that he was able to defeat Girim with a full power 100-Fold Nail Punch, something that Toriko wasn't able to do by any means before. In this mode, the more Toriko concentrates his power, the more he shines, even a gold aura can be seen when being at full throttle.

Although not named in the movie, it was among the promotional announcements and merchandising (like the card game) as Sunshine Toriko (サンシャイン トリコ Sanshain Toriko).

Gourmet Cells Awakening[edit | edit source]

Toriko with full control over his Gourmet Cells.

During the final moments in his fight against Joie, Toriko gained full control over his Gourmet Cells, transforming himself in what looks like a fusion between him and his Appetite Demon. Physically, Toriko gains more musculature, his hair grows and ruffles, the veins, and wrinkles on the forehead get heavily marked, his eyebrows gain more size, his pupils change to a yellow tone and more wild state, and he grows black nails in his fingers, toes and grows fangs, all of this while shining with a multicolored light that comes from the inside of his body.

Toriko's abilities and powers are bestowed with the maximum capabilities, gaining an incredible amount of strength and endurance.

Life Power[edit | edit source]

The most prominent gain of power in this state. Toriko acquires the new ability to summon the life power of the ingredients he had eaten in the past while attacking, that it is represented with a golden aura of the ingredient at his back when using it (so far, he was seen attacking with the single life force of the Galala Gator, Devil Serpent, Regal Mammoth, and Four Beast), presumably the ultimate expression of Food Honor that releases an unbelievable measure of energy in his attacks.

  • Four Beast Fork (named only as Fork): Using the Life Force of the Four Beast, Toriko projects a giant energy Fork.
  • Four Beast Knife (named only as Knife): Using the Life Force of the Four Beast, Toriko projects a giant energy Knife.
  • Infinite Nail Punch (無限釘パンチ Mugen Kugi Panchi, Infinite Spiked Punch on English dub): In his awakened form, Toriko gathers all the power obtained from the ingredients that he consumed on his past adventures and strikes his opponent with an uncountable amount of hits Nail Punch. Unlike the normal Nail Punch, this punch releases tons of different color lights, but mostly gold light. The name of the attack could come from the fact it is impossible for Toriko to count them because of the lack of concentration counting them, similar to how he struck the Scum Beast at the Shokurin Temple the first time. When it was used on Joie, it lit up the sky with the number of hits, but it stopped shortly after. It has only been seen in during the final scene of his battle against a fully transformed Joie.

This non-canon section ends here.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Toriko's Nail Punch principle is quite similar to Sansokue Sagara and Anji's Futae no Kiwami from the Rurouni Kenshin anime and manga series.
  • In the manga, Toriko's Fork and Knife actually materialize as solid, fancy-looking fork and knife of silver color. In the anime, meanwhile, they simply appear as a glowing, shape-changing light wave or spikes of no texture.
  • Toriko's Infinite Nail Punch was originally seen as non-canon due to the different ending of the Cooking Festival in the Anime, which shows Toriko using the technique against Joie, however, as of Chapter 293, the technique becomes canon as it was used against Shigematsu after NEO's ambush to take AIR making the Infinite Nail Punch first seen in the anime and then later on in the manga.
    • The technique was used in the anime when Toriko gains full control of his Appetite Demon momentarily. However, in the manga, he uses the technique after he eats AIR and gains control over only one arm of his Appetite Demon. Both attacks require the strength of the Appetite Demon, but in the manga, only the control over its arm is required in order to use the technique.
    • Another difference between the anime version and the manga version of the technique is that in the anime, this technique explodes in a firework-like manner after the opponent has been launched at a certain height or distance akin to a scattered Nail Punch, and only manages to knock out its opponent as well. In the manga, it shows that this technique will continue to send its opponent flying and would even go through certain obstacles (such as the Horsnapping Turtle that attempted to eat Shigematsu), making it more akin to a concentrated Nail Punch, and will only end if the opponent has completely succumbed to the damage and dies.

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