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Toriko 3D Movie Kaimaku Gourmet Adventure
Romaji Toriko 3D Kaimaku! Gurume Adobenchā! !
Kanji トリコ3D 開幕!グルメアドベンチャー!!
Duration 45 min
Air Date March 19, 2011
Release Date DVD/Blu-ray: July 20, 2011
Opening Theme No Opening Theme
Ending Theme The Sharing Song: Toriko no Theme
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Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!! is the first movie of the popular manga series Toriko. The movie was released in 3D and as a double-feature that was shown alongside the One Piece film One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase. The double-feature was released on March 19, 2011. They were both featured as part of the Jump Heroes Film special event by Toei Animation.

The film is loosely based on the second Toriko manga pilot, Oneshot 2007.

This movie serves as a prequel to the anime/manga series.


Teran Plains' village was attacked by a giant starving Gerold, and the village's youngster, Peck, sought Toriko for help. But lying ahead in wait is something much more ferocious and hideous than just a Gerold.


At World Kitchen, where the food market is, Peck was asking sellers around if they’ve seen Toriko. When asked, the Butcher Shop Owner said that he’s last seen Toriko 2 years ago. Tom overheard them and offered to lead him where Toriko is. He gave Peck a ride on his boat to the island where Toriko is, telling him to search for Toriko himself. A giant Red Haired Pig went chasing after Peck, and when Peck was at his running limit, Toriko’s Nail Punch saved him. Peck finally gave in to fatigue and fell unconscious. Toriko thought Peck’s come to request a job, but he’d actually come to ask Toriko to help rescue the village that has fallen victim to Gerold. Toriko explains that his job as a Gourmet Hunter is to search and eat, and not to help. Despite that, he was willing to take the job, not with the petty reward Peck offered, but with Gerold itself as a reward.

On their way to Teran Planes, they encountered a Bat Snake. Toriko didn’t want to kill the Bat Snake as he’s following his rule to not kill unless he’ll eat, and in the end, used knocking on it. While dining, Peck begged Toriko to make him his disciple. Toriko wanted to deliver a point that Peck can never be like him, and that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and thus made him fight a Runaway Goat. Peck used that and his knowledge of beasts’ weaknesses and led the Goat off a cliff. Toriko thought it strange how the Goat died so easily, and knew that the Goat’s been injured already. They arrived at the village only to find it completely destroyed. The villagers made a feast, but interrupting their meal, the Gerold was lured by the smell. The beast was a little trouble for Toriko, but was finally put down with a 3-Hit Nail Punch. Gerold was stronger than it should be, due to starvation. The legendary Mammoth Bear of ought to be only one capable of chasing the Bat Snake out, starving the Gerold, and inflicting that scar on the Runaway Goat; last seen 15 years ago, and comes out only to store food for hibernation, depleting the surroundings’ supplies.

In the morning, Toriko set off to find the Bear, and Peck tagged along. Barbarian Monkeys, Banborows, and a pack of Gerolds started chasing them. The beasts halted near a certain mountain. Toriko climbed that mountain only to be shocked by a gigantic Bear. Toriko’s 3 Hit Nail Punch did nothing to the beast, who stomped Toriko down. Toriko warned Peck to run, but Peck felt a responsibility to help, as he's always just running away. Using his slingshot, Peck lit a spark next to the Bear, freeing Toriko, who was pleased with Peck’s resolve, and decided to share the Bear with him after he’s done with it. Toriko spoke about how it’s unfortunate for him not to have claws and fangs like beasts, but that he’s got his own human weaponry as well. Toriko unleashes his intimidation, hits Fork and Knife, and finishes the bear off with a 5-Hit Nail Punch. Later, after sharing the Bear with them, Toriko left the village, bidding farewell to Peck, and telling him to hunt on his own next time. Peck re-visits World Kitchen, but this time with a Red Haired Pig he caught himself. The Market was excited, seeing that Toriko just brought them another Mammoth Bear. Meanwhile, while Toriko was fishing, Komatsu came to offer him a job of capturing the Galala Gator.








  • 1-Hit Nail Punch (min: 04:16)
  • Knocking (min: 09:36)
  • 3-Hit Nail Punch (min: 20:38)
  • 3-Hit Nail Punch (min: 30:11)
  • Fork (min: 33:11)
  • Knife (min: 33:16)
  • Intimidation (min: 33:33)
  • 5-Hit Nail Punch (min: 34:03)


  • Theme #01: グルメ時代Narrator’s Theme (min: 00:01)
  • ??? (min: 02:27)
  • Theme #06 彼の名はトリコ (min: 04:30)
  • ??? (min: 05:34)
  • Theme #04. 伝説の美食屋 トリコ!! (min: 07:19)
  • Theme #09. 襲来 (min: 08:46)
  • ??? (min: 10:18)
  • ??? (min: 13:20)
  • Theme #28. 帰り道(min: 16:15)
  • Theme #10 死闘 (min: 17:44)
  • Theme #08 釘パンチ (min: 20:25)
  • ??? (min: 20:54)
  • ???Theme #18 伝説 (min: 21:51)
  • ??? (min: 24:32)
  • Theme #12. 獣のにおい(min: 26:48)
  • ??? (min: 28:57)
  • Theme #07. 決意は固く(min: 30:57)
  • Theme #25. 戦塵(min: 32:15)
  • ??? (min: 34:40)
  • ??? (min: 37:22)
  • Ending: The Sharing Song ~トリコのテーマ~ (min: 38:39)




Movie 1 ED The Sharing Song

Anime and Manga Differences[]


  • The movie is based on the Oneshot from 2007.

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