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Torpedo Sausage
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Japanese 魚雷ソーセージ
Romanized Gyorai Sōsēji
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Type Bird Beast Fish
Capture Level 195
Length 35m
Weight 350t
Price 1kg/900,000yen
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Harbor of Evil Spirits
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 274
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The Torpedo Sausage is an aggressive bird-fish beast native to the Gourmet World that has a Capture Level of 195 and that is found near the Harbor of Evil Spirits.


Its size is so enormous that it can even surpass the height of a young Emperor Crow. Its overall appearance resembles a shark, but it possesses a caudal fin of four flippers that makes it look alike a torpedo. It also has sharp fangs which are capable of biting the flesh of a young Mother Snake, and big eyes of dilated, dark pupils.


The Torpedo Sausage will inadvertently attack when it spots a foreign creature. Its aggressive behavior and its tendency to travel in group with other ones of its species makes it a fearful creature that should not be taken lightly. It also tends to attack its prey until it can rip it off, as one did when it got attached to Quinn's body and didn't want to disjoin itself from the Mother Snake.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Quinn getting attacked by Torpedo Sausage

Torpedo Sausage attacking

This bird-fish beast uses its caudal fin as a propellant to fly continuously on the air. Its powerful jaws allows it to get adhered to its prey without much effort.

As FoodEdit

Soy Milk Road's Tofu Skin

Its meat can be mixed with the tofu skin and the soy milk that the Soy Milk Road produces, in order to make a delicious stew.


AIR ArcEdit

After the Octomelon fell through the fog surrounding Yutou Island, Quinn came out the Octopus' belly while grabbing one of its tentacles with its tail and grasped to the upper land with its fangs so they couldn't fall off, but then she is attacked by a school of Torpedo Sausages. Quinn eventually gets badly injured by the bites of these fishes and her body got almost bitten into two halves if she was not rescued by Kiss, which drilled through one of the aforementioned fish beasts that was scrunching the animal partner of Sunny.


Torpedo Sausage submission

Torpedo Sausage Submission

  • Torpedo Sausage is the work of Itō Taiga (伊藤大河) of Asata prefecture.
  • Its first name is a portmanteau of the japanese characters for "Fish" ( Gyo) and "Thunder" ( Rai).

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