Tou-Chinese Island
Japanese 塔中華島 (とうちゅうかとう)
Romanized Tou-chuka-tou
Location Ocean between the world of Toriko and One Piece
Affiliation Kung-Fu Mynah Birds
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 51
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Tou-Chinese Island (or "Chinese Tower Island") is a deserted island located between the world of One Piece and Toriko, and it appeared exclusively in the second Toriko x One Piece Collaboration Special.


The island's name comes from the oriental influence of its former inhabitants as well as the Mush Room tower that grows in its center which acts as the lynchpin which holds the island together.


The overall shape of the island resembles an upside down oriental-styled ramen bowl with many rocks and mountain in the shape of ingredients and a spoon surrounding its ridges. The island is mostly a heavily forested environment with several ruins of its former human inhabitants dotting some areas. The top of the island's mountain is a large man made salt water reservoir constructed for breeding Mangronves. Near the top of the island is the Mush Room tower that can be lowered or risen with a switch and holds the entire island together.


It was once inhabited by humans with a very oriental-styled culture and knowledge of kung-fu, but they were driven out by the powerful beasts that lived on the island. Their culture however would be mimicked by an advanced species of mynah birds on the island and they eventually learned their ways and their fighting style, thus becoming what are now known as Kung-Fu Mynah Birds, and they have successfully restored most of their ruins and established a functional society.


As mentioned before, the island is inhabited by many powerful beasts which drove out the humans. Some of these creatures also managed to learn the humans ways and fighting styles but are not as organized as the Kung-Fu Mynah Birds.