Track to Success
Track to Success
Japanese 成功への軌跡 (せいこうへのきせき)
Romanized Seikō e no Kiseki
Aliases Track to Success
Location Gourmet World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 278
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The Track to Success is an invisible path located somewhere on a void or the skies of Gourmet World, that is only accessible by those blessed with extreme Food Luck. The path shines as the person takes a step, which eventually leads them to the Dining Planet, the meeting place of the "Gourmet Nobility". So far the only humans to ever walk and reach the end of this path are Joie and his "mother", Froese. However, Nakaume was shown to be able to see it and it is heavily implied that Komatsu could have enough Food Luck to see it as well.

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