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Japanese トラベルフロッグ
Romanized Toraberu Furoggu
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Type Monster
Capture Level Unknown
Habitat Gourmet World
Related Croakswagon
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 273
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The Travel Frog (トラベルフロッグ Toraberu Furoggu) is a species of sapient frog with intelligent behavior from the Gourmet World. Mappy, the only known member of this species is a resident of Area 8's Hex Food World.[1]


Travel Frogs are bipedal frogs with dark skin and light-colored bellies. They have small beady black eyes, long limbs with webbed hands and feet, and small nostrils above their mouth. They can also grow facial hair such as a mustache and a goatee. They do not wear clothing but one has been shown carrying a large backpack to likely store his goods in.

Behavior and IntelligenceEdit

Travel Frogs are highly intelligent and have fully adapted to Gourmet World's unique rules and understand most of its mechanics and as such show no fear within the horrible obstacles of Gourmet World that Humans find deadly. They also appear intelligent enough to drive and manage their own vehicles and to have their own language called "frog-ese" which consists of variations of the word "gero" (the Japanese equivalent of a frog's "ribbit" sound), forming words such as "geeero", "gegege", "gerorou", "geronpa" and "gerochome". They can also speak the human language as well. They have information on the method of capture for AIR hence they may be actually very intelligent when it comes to knowing how to capture certain foods.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As mentioned before, Travel Frogs are highly intelligent, but also posses great physical abilities, being able to move at incredible speeds and can even move faster than a laser pointer. One was also seen as capable of manipulating dangerous waters to make them seem solid and later on was able stand among floating ships filled with spirits.


AIR ArcEdit

Toriko first saw a Travel Frog when the Octomelon first entered the Thorn Sea, where he saw him calmly relaxing and drinking tea on the side of one of the deadly waves as though they were solid. He then tried to fire a laser pointer from the Riddle Chapter at him to measure the Travel Frog's strength, but he moved away at an incredible speed, making Toriko wonder just what was that frog. He later saw the same Travel Frog among the many waving skeletons of the Harbor of Evil Spirits.[2]

When Toriko and Coco were dragged into the Real Mist by the Soy Milk Road, they encountered the same Travel Frog once again who invited them to a meal within a food stand created by the mist.[3] The Travel Frog then warned them that their Human reasoning would not work in the Gourmet World and that soon their understanding and senses would be changed, but that the Gourmet World is always good for food. Toriko then stated his surprise that the Travel Frog could talk and apologized to it for firing his laser pointer at him before at the sea, but the Travel Frog simply said that he did not care. Just then Toriko shot another laser pointer at him and stated that the Travel Frog they were talking too had a different scent than the one from earlier. Toriko then realized that the one they were talking to was just an illusion created by the mist. The fake Travel Frog then began to decay rapidly and shrivel up, and simply said that while Gourmet World is good for food, it is also good for death as well. Its shriveled husk then fell on the table and Toriko and Coco were confronted by the Leech Heels who control the illusions of the mist and demanded that they pay for the Real Mist's food with their blood.

Another Travel Frog made an appearance after Toriko defeated the Soy Milk Road that created the Real Mist through a single use of his Ultimate Routine. When the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu escaped the mist, they decided to have a meal, while they were enjoying their meal the group hears a frog like sound coming nearby, the Travel Frog was riding on a frog themed car wearing shades. It tries to communicate with the group but they couldn't understand a single word it said as it was not speaking human language unlike the illusion Travel Frog. This Travel Frog was later confirmed to be the very same frog that Toriko had seen relaxing by the Thorn Sea. 

When Toriko confirmed that the Travel Frog he saw by the Thorn Sea and the one they are talking to were one of the same, it introduced itself as Mappy. The Travel Frog, accompanied by a Croakswagon agreed to assist the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu, on the behest of the Daruma Hermit, by helping them reach the Hex Food World. The Travel Frog itself told the group to follow the Croakswagon, explaining the different natures of the Gourmet World as well as the different areas and methods of travel. It also told about one of the Eight Kings that reside within the area when the group reached an area of incredible aura. The area was a footprint left by a Heraku residing within Area 8 for thousands of years. When the group reached the Golden Swamp, the Travel Frog was instantly aware of the sudden danger that approached them, but even though the faced many trials and obstacles they were able to survive it all thanks to Komatsu's Food Luck. Once they arrived at Hex Food World they saw many Travel Frogs and other races there.


Travel Frog submission

Travel Frog Submission

  • The Travel Frog is the work of Yoshiie Kyōta (義家響太) of Nagano prefecture.
  • As Mappy is the only known Travel Frog, it is unknown if the species is actually native to Hex Food World or if they share the same origin as Hex Food World's inhabitants.


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