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Japanese 七面魚
Aliases Shichimengyo
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Type Fish
Capture Level Unknown
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Ocean
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 87
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The Turkey Fish is a giant carnivorous fish with the characteristics of a turkey.


Its appearance somewhat resembles that of a turkey, having the head and overall body shape of one but with the scales and fins of a fish, it also has a sharp set of teeth.


It is a vicious and voracious beast that will attack and try to eat anything that gets close to it, making it impossible to fish in areas it makes its home in.

As FoodEdit

The Turkey Fish's meat tastes just like turkey and when cooked tastes just like a roast turkey dinner.


Meteor Garlic ArcEdit


The cooked Turkey Fish.

A Turkey Fish had been terrorizing the coasts of a small poor island, causing the local villagers much grief as they could not fish for food. Zebra visited the island looking for ingredients to add to his Full Course Menu, there he encountered the vicious Turkey Fish who then tried to attack him. However its efforts proved futile as Zebra easily subdued it and used his "Thunder Noise" to cook it alive. The villagers then appeared and thanked Zebra for ridding the island of the Turkey Fish and the villagers' children proceeded to happily eat the Turkey Fish, remarking how it tasted like a real Christmas Eve turkey dinner.

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