Mushroom  Ukon Unko  Sushi
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Japanese ウコンウンコ
Romanized Ukon Unko
English Turmeric Poop
IGO Icon 2 Statistics IGO Icon 2
Type Plant
Capture Level Below 1
Location Drunken Frenzy Island
Height 15cm
Weight 450g
Price 1600 yen per piece
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 176
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Ukon Unko (ウコンウンコ) is a species of ginger plant which greatly resembles a swirly piece of poop. Despite its less than desirable appearance, it is in fact quite delicious and is a great snack that goes well with alcohol, such as the Brandy Spring, and lessens the alcohol's potency, thus allowing the eater to drink plenty of alcohol without getting drunk. It is necessary to eat one of these when in the Heavy Drinker Archipelago; otherwise visitors runs the risk of losing themselves in inebriation and remaining in the archipelago for the rest of their days.



  • Its name is a pun and a combination of the Japanese names for a tumeric ginger plant (鬱金 (うこん) Ukon) and poop (うんこ Unko).

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