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Underground Cooking World
Livebearers men 3.jpg
Members of the Underground Cooking World
Leader Match;
Livebearer (formerly)
Affiliation Gourmet Yakuza;
Jidar Kingdom
Base of Operations Gourmet Casino
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 160
Anime Episode 88
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The Underground Cooking World is the organization responsible for black-market dealings and circulation of Ingredients. Whether they be rare, poisonous, narcotic or any other dangerous Ingredient that are restricted by the Eight Gourmet Laws set up by the IGO, they will deal in it. With them, you are more likely to find Ingredients that don't normally make their way to legitimate markets, and usually for a lot cheaper than one expects, with certain exception. Their boss is Livebearer.

Base of Operations[]

They have established their base of operations in the Gourmet Casino, within the Jidar Kingdom, where they collected information of various Ingredients, as well as physical Ingredients. It was given to them by the Darnil Kahn, the king of Jidal, and his Head Chef, Joie. Livebearer gave it to Match, the boss of the Gourmet Yakuza after losing in a game of Food Concentration to a party consisting of the Yakuza, Toriko, Coco and Komatsu. Their operations have been slowly expanding, and their illegal narcotic Ingredients have been leaking into other countries and cities, like Nerg City.



For many years, the Underground Cooking World has acted as the true ruling organization of the Jidar Kingdom while under the leadership of Livebearer, having been allowed to so, so long as they shared their profits and wealth of info with Jidar's king, Darnil Kahn. The organization's corrupt influence caused much internal and economic distress for the people of Jidar, who were forced to live as either beggars or criminals. The Underground Cooking World was also responsible for most of the drug distribution in the Human World and their dealings caused great distress for many of Jidar's inhabitants who would often fall under the influence of the narcotic ingredients that were quite common in the kingdom, with even children often falling under their influence. Because of this, the Underground Cooking World had a harsh rivalry with the fellow criminal syndicate, the Gourmet Yakuza, who, while also a criminal organization, detested the suffering within their kingdom and the harm it caused to the innocents and defenseless children, which oddly made these criminals seem like the only form of law enforcement in a kingdom of criminals. Regardless of their disputes, the Underground Cooking World continued a successful streak of criminal activity for many years, harnessing a treasure trove of Taste Data and a vast fortune thanks to their Gourmet Casino and their trade in narcotic ingredients.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

When Toriko and Coco of the Four Heavenly Kings went in search of a Meteor Garlic, hoping to find one within the Gourmet Casino, they joined forces with the Gourmet Yakuza in hopes that they could succeed at winning the jackpot at the casino and getting the chance to take on the Underworld Boss, Livebearer in hopes of winning the Meteor Garlic from him. The group eventually managed to face off with Livebearer in a game of Food Concentration in which the Heavenly Kings and yakuza were able to come out victorious, however Livebearer refused to give in to defeat and sent his minions to kill the group, causing an all out gunfight between the yakuza and the Underworld. In the end the yakuza came out victorious and the Heavenly Kings successfully defeated Livebearer and forced him to accept their victory.

With Livebearer subdued, they acquired the Meteor Garlic he had in his possession, which they had Komatsu prepare with the aid of Livebearer's Taste Data. During the cooking process, Livebearer took notice of Komatsu's great and passionate cooking skills, causing the Underworld Boss to remember a time when he to was a struggling chef who once cared for ingredients and feeding others. With the Meteor Garlic successfully prepared and enjoyed by the group, Livebearer realized that it was time for him to change and so he retired from his position as boss, handing it over the Gourmet Yakuza Boss, Match, thus bringing together both organizations which would then work together to form a new and proper government which would work towards making Jidar into a vibrant and prosperous kingdom.

Known Members[]

Underground Cooking World
MatchGC.jpg GourmetYakuzaGC.jpg LivebearerMS.png MonchanMS.png UnderworldChefsMS.png
Gourmet Yakuza "Former Leader"
"Culinary Executive"
30,000 Underworld Chefs
RexHS.png DimetoHS.png RaptaHS.png TorikeraHS.png DarnilKhanGC.jpg
Darnil Kahn

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