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Underground Forest
Underground Forest.png
Japanese アングラの森
Romanized Angura no Mori
Location Zabel Island (Area 7)
Debut Appearance
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The Underground Forest is a forested area located deep in a canyon on Zabel Island which is itself positioned on the border that separates the Human World and the Gourmet World. Being located on Zabel Island, the Underground Forest is a part of Area 7 and the forest itself can only be reached through the Waterfall Basin of Life.


As its name suggests the Underground Forest is a forest with huge trees, that is located 20,000 meters below sea level. The gravity in the Underground Forest is much stronger, because its closer to the Earth's core than on the surface. Around the area where the Heat Planet resides, are large amount of cacti, a cactus can shoot its sharp needles to fend of enemies who try to drink their fluids.


The Reality of Gourmet World Arc[]

Countless Gourmet Hunters have entered the Underground Forest and past to take on the Gourmet World, however many, if not all, ever return. Toriko tried to test the Gourmet World himself, but soon after, he realized just how severe and deadly the environment and beasts of Gourmet World were. After this experience, he decided to train more to take on Gourmet World again along with Komatsu.[1]

Flora and Fauna[]





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