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Underground Heavenly Kings
Japanese 裏四天王
Romanized Ura shiten'nō
English Underground Heavenly Kings
Aliases Counterfeit Heavenly Kings
Affiliation Underground Cooking World
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Game Toriko: Ultimate Survival
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The Underground Heavenly Kings (裏四天王 Ura shiten'nō) are a criminal group of four strong and ruthless Gourmet Hunters working in the Underground Cooking World. Their collective goal is to surpass the Four Heavenly Kings. Its members consist of Rex, Dimeto, Rapta and Torikera who like the Four Heavenly Kings posses great abilities and strength.

Superhuman Abilities[]

Like the Four Heavenly Kings, the Underground Heavenly Kings have Gourmet Cells implanted in their bodies and posses superhuman abilities. Most of their abilities are also similar to the abilities of the Kings, but they can also use them to counter against the Kings' abilities.

  • Rex - Superhuman Strength; Appetite Energy Projection; Generating Flames.
  • Dimeto - Hazardous Chemical Generation; Producing flammable or acidic chemical reactions.
  • Rapta - Feather Manipulation; Rapid Feather Growth; Superhuman Speed and Agility.
  • Torikera - Sound Generation, Superhuman Strength; Anger Energy Source.


Underground Heavenly Kings
RexHS.png DimetoHS.png RaptaHS.png TorikeraHS.png
Rex Dimeto Rapta Torikera


Toriko: Ultimate Survival[]

When the Four Heavenly Kings traveled to Four Seasons Island, they met the Underground Heavenly Kings who acted as their rivals in hunting ingredients during their stay there.


  • The members of the Underground Heavenly Kings have a dinosaur theme in either their appearance or combat style, and each of their names is based on a species of dinosaur, with the exception of Dimeto who is named after the prehistoric Dimetrodon, which is often confused for a dinosaur.

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