Full Course Menu
Hors-D'oeuvre: Bullet Acorns
Soup: Demon Devil Snake Stock base with Garlic Crab , Rainbow Fruit Sake, and Melk Stardust seasoning
Fish Dish: Blank
Meat Dish: Solitary Bear Steak
Main: Blank
Salad: Blank
Dessert: Natural Chocolate Fountain
Drink: Air Aqua flavoured with a drop of Taste Ant extract

List ProjectEdit

currently doing a project to compensate for the category pages not working. Making Lists as pages, having the pages the corresponding category SHOULD have, and linking to the list page in the individual pages in a seperate section.

So Far:

To do:

-Mammals (Big)



-Plant Beast

-Capture Level Ranges (Massive)


-Male (Big)

-Ingredients (Super Massive)






-Dragon Beast



-Gourmet Knight

-Gourmet Yakuza

-Gourmet World


-Human World (Massive)




-Mollusk Beast

-Narcotic Ingredients

-Political Figures

-Real World Articles (potential)


-Specially Cooked Ingredients (big)

-Worm Beast

Anyone willing to help out is welcome. Any admins with suggestions or concerns are appreciated, though please dont delete until after category issue is sorted AND categories actually show as much or more information then the Lists.

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