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My pages[]

Pages I More or Somewhat Significantly Contributed To[]

  • Timeline: Adding what happened at the very beginning, replacing the old wrong info about demon king.
  • Takimaru: Correcting the Sennuki Shot mistranslation from "corkscrew" to "bottle opener".
  • Area 0: Merging with Food Utopia, distinguishing from The Farthest Lands.
  • Golden Cookware: Adding the tools used by Blue Nitro.
  • Full Course Menu: Fixing stuff, editing Capture Levels, more precise translations from Japanese sources.
  • Appetite Demon and GOD: Adding the process of awakening the Appetite Demon.
  • Ougai: Adding important info that the portrayed monster is actually part of it. Also the fact that its Capture Level is unknown, not 5000.
  • Hamfish: Adding description from Japanese volume data page.
  • Capture Level: Adding
  • Space Taipan: Adding description from Japanese volume data page.
  • Mitarashi Dango Planet: Adding description from Japanese volume data page.
  • Guinness: Fixing trivia, adding some description.
  • Blue Universe and Neo: Adding info revealed in bonus pages.
  • Monster Troll and Neo: Updating the same old info.
  • Froese: Adding that it was Froese's Appetite Demon that appeared to Komatsu.
  • Gourmet Jellyfish and Gourmet Cells: Making it clear that Gourmet Jellyfish is not the source of Gourmet Cells.
  • Black Triangle: Adding depth, Taste Tide and composition info.
  • Crow King: Correcting the name from "Bird King" and fixing all links.
  • Gourmet Cells: Adding a picture of the cells themselves, redefining.
  • Appetite Energy: Adding more proper name "Gourmet Energy", redefining.
  • NEWS, Deer King and Food Region Forest: Adding the to-this-day missing info, that F.R. Forest is on Deer King's back and NEWS is most likely its Jewel Meat.
  • Back Channel: Rewriting the entire article, simplifying, updating.
  • Ballboon: Adding Bambino's (the female one) real face.
  • Plumstars, Tsukinoko and Ruins Goldfish: Adding description, data and renaming the latter two to their actual names.
  • Red Universe: Expanding, linking "Outer Space" here.
  • Narrator Highlights: Providing Japanese name for many of them, renaming Chocolotter to Choco Otter, Cherrean Mochi (what is that even supposed to mean...) to Cherry Botamochi, Hering Cormbu to Herring Cormbu.