Who are the the top 10 strongest characters in Toriko? They can be any character, alive or dead. But the only people who don't count are people we only have inferences, like Acacia, or creatures, like a battle wolf. Mine are...

10. Zaus, Toriko, Mansam, Zebra, or Teppei.

Zaus was Sestunos rival, and he was a pretty powerful warrior. Toriko, well, he could take even a CLVL creature of over 500 with ease. Mansam could have killed the 4 beast, and he took a surprise attack from IGO's seconds own beast. Zebra killed 3 Nitro with incredible ease, and destroyed a whole fleet of scum beasts. Teppei hurt Zebra with ease.

9. Kousairou.

One of the strongest members of the 0 Bipote, and was said to be a major force of power for the 0. He was also almost uninjured fighting Sestuno.

8. Chiyo.

Being a rival to Sestuno, and defeating Chin Chin, she is a world famous chef. She is also one of the most powerful members of a world famous organization. Hey, a slice worthy of 100 million Yen isn't half bad.

7. Starjun.

Being 2nd in an organization with Chiyo In it and having Joa call you tough isn't half bad. Defeating a full powered Toriko is also great. He may be a crappy chef, but he is a first class warrior.

6. Chin Chin.

He may have lost to Chiyo, but he is a fighter. He only lost because he lost his good honor, and all the other 0 members went 'What........' When he was defeated. He also healed up quickly. Heck, Chiyo nearly died from his BEATDOWN. Had he not been married to her and loved her... Ouch.

5. Sestuno.

How could you not love that one women who reminds you of 80s grandmas. She was sweet. She was spicy. She could even be a nascar driver. But she was also a Kung fu master. How much of one? 2 0 members, and Zaus decided to attack her... After she fought Chiyo. She was winning. She could kill you... With a microwave. Even the waiter to Midora himself ran away from her.

4. Joa.

He may become stronger later, but we have to admit... He is tough. Stronger then 2 number 10's and 9. Able to make even Jirou have a tough time taking him on. This guy deserves to be on this list, and he deserves to be pretty high.

3. Jirou.

He is tough. But drunk. He is deadly. But drunk. He is number three. But drunk. He lost a lot of power to learn to knock, but not bad KNOCKING THE PLANET. Sunny could destroy it, but Knocking EVERYTHING is cooler.

2. Midora.

Most people think he may be 3. I made him 2. He is a monster, who makes most people quiver in fear. Even 30% of the planet stood no chance from him. Being able to nearly kill IGO's president is a good show. He may be a glutton, but he will eat anyone weaker then him. All 30 billion of them. Hungry space is deadly, even to the best. Heck, even at birth he was a monster. Midora, we salute you, for being all this, and more. Plus scaring away a Blue Nitro after fighting number 1 is not bad.

And number one is...

1. Zonge.

This guy is... Wait... HE'S NOT!?

The real 1 is...

1. Ichiryuu.

This guy is the king. He can't drink, but he could have killed Midora with ease. Even Jirou could never defeat him. Most people will remember him as the beast of the world. If only they knew he was more. He went easy on Midora, he went easy on toriko, and he went easy on everyone ever.

  • Zaus cooks YOU!
  • JUMP!
  • Don't get cocky.
  • I protect nature. But I'm a badass.
  • Paper thin, is my loyalty.
  • Sadistic bitch.
  • White is the new black.
  • Hi, who wants cake?
  • I am a dead tranvestite clown.
  • Ding dong, the big bad witch is dead.
  • I will eat everyone.
  • Real men don't drink alcohol. We drink water.
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