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Uumen Umeda
Uumen Umeda GGB
Japanese ウーメン梅田
Romanized Ūmen Umeda
English Uumen Umeda
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday 1st August
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation IGO (formerly)
Occupation IGO's Business Bureau Director
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 1
Anime Episode 7
English Voice Christopher R. Sabat
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Uumen Umeda (ウーメン梅田 Ūmen Umeda)[1] was the IGO's Business Bureau Director. He is the one who requested the Galala Gator meat at the start of the story and is therefore responsible for the fated meeting between Toriko and Komatsu.[2]

Despite these actions and seemingly friendly identity early on, he had in fact been brainwashed by Joie and forced to join the dark organization known as NEO. He acts as a spy for them within the IGO and aids them by murdering the IGO's Board of Directors.


Uumen ExpressionsUumen Designs

He is a middle aged man with sunglasses and tan skin. He has a bowl-shaped haircut and a distinctive 5 'o' clock shadow. He wears a bright purple shirt with long sleeves, white cuffs and a white collar that slightly exposes his very hairy chest. He also wears dark black pants with fancy black shoes.

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He was a very flamboyant and eccentric man with somewhat feminine mannerisms and has a tendency to say "impact" in many of his sentences. He is also a man of high standards when it comes to food and will only eat the best of the best and expects to have whatever he is craving for. Despite these tendencies, he knows when to be serious and prefers to take the best course of action such as when dealing with the Gourmet Corp., showing his professionalism as an IGO director. He also had a great deal of faith in the Four Heavenly Kings and their skills.

When Joie used his "Taste Change" on him, Uumen's mind was repressed and he was forced to become a cold and merciless monster who will do whatever is needed to further the goals of NEO. His new vicious persona has made him incredibly dangerous, as seen when he practically butchered his former co-workers and left them in pools of their own blood.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a member of the IGO's Board of Directors, he has a great deal of administrative power over the organization, and out of all the company directors, he seems to have had the highest degree of influence, only below Ray and Mansam.

During the Four Beast's attack on the Human World, he has no problem about being right in the middle of its rampage and even stops Mansam from fighting it. He shows no fear or worry in the presence of the beast and later casually speaks to Mansam about the whole affair, showing that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Considering that Joie's "Taste Change" worked on him, Uumen's body likely possesses Gourmet Cells. He is also a skilled assassin, having killed the IGO's Board of Directors with apparent ease seemingly barehanded.


Garara Gator Arc[]

Uumen looks at the menu for Hotel Gourmet and requests them to add Galala Gator meat to the menu. The manager says that it is impossible, and Uumen requests them to hire Toriko to capture one.[2]

Puffer Whale Arc[]

He is seen in a meeting explaining about the recent attack on numerous Biotopes and speaking about the Gourmet Corp.. He begins explaining that Biotope 8 is in the worst condition, having had all its Rainbow Fruit taken and all its Troll Kongs killed, and is in a state of annihilation. It is said to have been attacked by a GT Robo, which also killed Gourmet Police officer Toll at Labyrinthine Cave. He then suggests calling the Four Heavenly Kings into action to counteract this problem.[3]

The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

BB Corn Arc[]

Uumen Umeda comes to Komatsu in hopes that he can prepare a special dish of Mermaituna to please president Dohem of the Republic of Roto in order to gain his favor in the approval of a new law.[4]

Century Soup Arc[]

He calls Mansam and discusses with him about the appearance of the Century Soup in Ice Hell and the likelihood of the Gourmet Corp. appearing to capture it. Mansam then reassures him that he has sent Coco to check things out.

Toriko's Break Arc[]

He seeks out chef Komatsu for his assistance in preparing a grand dish for a political meeting, however Komatsu decides to go with Toriko on his next expedition and claims that he is doing so to find Umeda a promising ingredient.

Autumn Break Arc (Filler)[]

He is one of the judges at the 50th Gourmet Service Competition.

This non-canon section ends here.

Four Beast Arc[]

Uumen stopped Mansam from assisting the Four Heavenly Kings in battling the Four Beast, believing that they needed to fight it on their own in order to become stronger.[5][6] However, whether this is his true intention remains uncertain.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

As news of the horrific battle in the Cooking Festival reaches the IGO Headquarters, it is revealed that Uumen is actually a spy for NEO and has murdered many of the IGO's Board of Directors, such as Glass, Bull, and Wyne. He explains to Shigematsu through his cellphone that he has no more use for the IGO anymore.[7] He is later seen in NEO Headquarters discussing the Gourmet Solar Eclipse and GOD.[8]

Billion Bird Arc[]

It appears that at an unknown point during the year and a half after the events at the Cooking Festival, the Four Heavenly Kings and Mansam realized that Uumen, along with Shigematsu and Teppei, had been brainwashed by Joie, basically enslaving them. Toriko tells Mansam that he intends to restore them all back to normal, and Mansam explains that so long as the "damage" created by Joie's Taste Change remains, they could not be restored, so the only way to undo the effects is to inflict even greater damage to their bodies to the point where they either "return to normal" or "die first." With this Toriko becomes more determined to restore Uumen and the others to normal.

AIR Arc[]

Uumen waits with other members of NEO while Joie converses with the Gourmet Nobility on the Dining Planet.[9]

GOD Arc[]

Uumen GOD Arc

Uumen confronts the fugitives.

Uumen confronts Teppei, Nakaume, Zaus, and Appolo when they try to leave NEO's Ark. Zaus and Appolo stay to fight Uumen, allowing Teppei and Nakaume to escape.[10]

After Neo is defeated and Midora has restored the planet, Uumen awakens confused and Zaus welcomes him back.[11]

Appearances in Other Media[]

Oneshot 2002[]

Charlie Tamaki

Umeda's prototype: Charlie Tamaki.

In the original Toriko pilot chapter Oneshot 2002, Uumen Umeda was originally a short and manly-looking IGO Executive named "Charlie Tamaki" who had a large afro and smoked cigars, a drastic difference from his current incarnation. In the pilot, Charlie requested for Komatsu to seek out the famous hunter Toriko to capture the Baron Bison.


  • He ranked 8th in the first Popularity Poll with 421 votes. Although the poll was made prior to his true motives being revealed, this would have made him the second most popular villain in the series at the time.
  • In the anime's poll, Umeda did not even make it into the top 15.
  • His voice actor also voices Brunch.


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