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Pochiko GM
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Japanese ヴァンパイアコング
Romanized Vanpaiakongu
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 20 (manga)
30 (anime)
Length 3.5m
Weight 400kg
Price Meat not fit for consumption
Habitat Melk Mountain
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 118
Anime Episode 54
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Vampire Kongs are large simian ape beasts with vampire wings. Melk the Second keeps a female one named Pochiko as a pet that helps to carry out sharpening requests.


Vampire Kongs are very tall and are easily twice the size of a normal human. Its main body is like that of a gorilla and it has large wrists with equally large fists. Its skin is light purple and its fur has a darker purple color. It has the facial structure of a gorilla but with bat-like ears and yellow eyes, and it has very prominent fangs. Its most notable feature, the pair of bat wings on its back, are easily twice the length of its body and form up a small tail-like shape near the beast's behind.


If one can tame a Vampire Kong, it becomes very loyal and protective of its master and makes a great animal partner. Pochiko, a notable Vampire Kong, maintains her loyalty for her former master despite his six year absence. Vampire Kongs are also very intelligent and can be domesticated and raised by humans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Its bat wings grant it the ability to fly and it can fly great distances with ease, showing a good amount of stamina. It can also carry heavy burdens while in flight with no sign of fatigue. Pochiko, can also maintain a vigilant stance for hours on end without deterring from her spot. In the anime, Pochiko is also shown to give of a great amount of heat, turning red, when excited. In a fight, its massively developed arms can crush boulders, its sharp teeth can rip through its target's flesh, and its pointed fangs can suck its victim dry.



  • Vampire Kong Created by Kanagawa Prefecture.
    • The Vampire Kong's creator also created the Purple Horn.

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