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Vanilove Fruit
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Japanese バニラブの実
Romanized Banirabu no mi
Aliases Dream Sweet
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Capture Level Below 1
Location Vanilove Mountain
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 31
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The Vanilove Fruit (バニラブの実 Banirabu no mi) is a vanilla fruit located on the summit of Vanilove Mountain. It has a strong vanilla flavor and it was so delicious Toriko even considered replacing the Rainbow Fruit with it as his Dessert.



Vanilove Fruit Tree.

It is a pink, heart-shaped fruit that shines brightly. It has a strong scent of vanilla and a juicy vanilla flavor which rivals that of the Rainbow Fruit. The trees from which the fruit grows are pink and appeared to be made out of the same pink vanilla substance common on Vanilove Mountain, and all of its leaves are also heart-shaped.


Extra GourmetEdit

Vanilove Fruit Slices

Vanilove Fruit slices.

Toriko, Komatsu and Terry Cloth made their way up Vanilove Mountain in hopes of acquiring the Vanilove Fruit located at its summit. Upon reaching the summit, the trio was overwhelmed by the sweet scent of vanilla emanating from the fruit and quickly plucked it from its branches and enjoyed its flavor and scent, with Toriko even briefly considering having it replace the Rainbow Fruit on his Full Course Menu.


  • Its low capture difficulty level is attributed to the fact that even the readers of the manga, who have not hunted for the fruit or even touched it, are able to taste it.
  • The Vanilove Fruit was only featured in a short bonus chapter.

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