Vanilove Mountain
Vanilove Mountain
Japanese バニラブマウンテン
Romanized Banirabumaunten
Location Human World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 31
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Vanilove Mountain is a large, pink and fluffy mountain seemingly made out of a sweet vanilla.



The summit of Vanilove Mountain.

It is large mountain with a great height of 800 meters. The entirety of the mountain is made from some sort of pink vanilla-like substance that resembles marshmallows or cotton candy. The mountain's summit has a few patches of grass from where the Vanilove Fruit Tree grows. The tree itself is pink as well with heart-shaped leaves, and several small pink plants grow with heart-shaped leaves also grow around the tree's roots.



Extra GourmetEdit

Toriko, Komatsu and Terry Cloth made their way up Vanilove Mountain in hopes of acquiring the Vanilove Fruit located at its summit. Upon reaching the summit, the trio was overwhelmed by the sweet scent of vanilla emanating from the fruit and quickly plucked it from its branches and enjoyed its flavor and scent, with Toriko even briefly considering having it replace the Rainbow Fruit on his Full Course Menu.

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