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Vegetable Sky
Vegetable Sky.. Eps 46.png
Japanese ベジタブルスカイ
Romanized Bejitaburu Sukai
Location Clouds above the Wul continent
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 106
Anime Episode 46
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Vegetable Sky (ベジタブルスカイ Bejitaburu Sukai), nicknamed "Vegetable Garden in the Ether", is a natural garden filled with an uncountable number of unique vegetables that grows on top of the clouds.


When volcanic ash floats up from ground level, it freezes and mixes with the cloud and the nutrients in it are absorbed. The plants then have enough nutrients to grow. With the roots from the grass and the dense ash-clouds, it's even possible for Toriko with his body weight of 240 kilos to stand on it. It's located somewhere near the Wul Volcano and can only be accessed by a giant beanstalk, nicknamed "Stairway to Heaven". There are many beasts living on the beanstalk and many ferocious flying beasts around it, which makes it impossible to get there by plane. Halfway up the beanstalk there is a Cumulonimbus Cloud with a height of around 10,000 meters that serves as a boundary to the Vegetable Sky.

The vegetables in this garden are very fresh and savory and packed with much fiber and moisture in them. One bite into them and it makes all the vegetables eaten until now to feel like they were rotten. Apart from having minerals and vitamins, the vegetables are also low fat and the nutritional value is very high. The body digests it with no burdens and it cleanses the bowels. This is the chief reason why most people who have ventured to Vegetable Sky return as vegetarians.

It is also where the legendary Ozone Herb, nicknamed as the "King of Vegetables", can be found. The Ozone Herbs are shown to be located separately from the rest of the Vegetable Sky and appears to float in the air.

Most of the vegetables that are found here can also be found on ground level, but the flavor and the freshness is incomparable.

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