Vegetable Sky!!

Volume 12 en

Volume 12

Volume Info
Volume: 12
ISBN (JP): 978-4-08-870150-9
ISBN (US): 978-1421543093
Japanese Title: ベジタブルスカイ!!
Romanized Title: Bejitaburusukai!!
Viz Title: Vegetable Sky!!
Total Pages: 200
Year Released (JP) December 29, 2010
Year Released (US) October 2, 2012
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With Komatsu’s completion of the Century Soup, Toriko has added another item to his Full-Course Meal! Now the Gourmet Hunter’s ready for a new challenge to prepare him for the eventual journey into the savage Gourmet World. Fortunately, the president of the IGO is there to personally issue a dangerous training mission. Toriko will have to brave killer storms to pluck a succulent grass that only grows in the stratosphere![1]

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