Reunion With The "Worst"!!

Volume 16 en

Volume 16

Volume Info
Volume: 16
ISBN (JP): 978-4-08-870285-8
ISBN (US): 978-1421551494
Japanese Title: 最悪との再会!!
Romanized Title: Saiaku to no Saikai!!
Viz Title: Reunion with Terror!!
Total Pages: 208
Year Released (JP) September 4, 2011
Year Released (US) June 4, 2013
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While Toriko and Zebra eat their way through Gourmet Pyramid’s monsters to reach Komatsu, the chef discovers an ancient cookbook that reveals where to find and how to prepare Mellow Cola. But even if the three can wring the delicious beverage out of the terrifying Salamander Sphinx, a familiar and more sinister creature lurks in the shadows, waiting to steal their fizzy spoils. [1]

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