10 Ren!!

Volume 06 en

Volume 06

Volume Info
Volume: 6
ISBN (JP): 978-4-08-874739-2
ISBN (US): 978-1421536941
Japanese Title: “10連”!!
Romanized Title: "10 Ren"!!
Viz Title: Ten-Fold!!
Total Pages: 192
Year Released (JP) October 2, 2009
Year Released (US) September 15, 2011
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Spine Character

Back Cover

  • Fork and Knife


The battle between the IGO and Bishokukai heats up as Toriko and his friends face off against the powerful GT Robots. In order to find the precious Jewel Meat buried deep inside the enormous Regal Mammoth, Toriko has ventured into the beast's body. But can he locate and eat this delicious treat before it's too late?![1]

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