Mushroom  Waflotuses  Sushi
Waflotuses Eps 48
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Type Plant/Pastry
Capture Level Unknown
Location Lakes in Mountain Ranges
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Episode 48
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Waflotuses are a type of wafer-like water lotus leaves that feel and taste like flaky batter and resemble delicious baked wafer cookies.


Waflotuses grow sandwiched together and in between their sandwiched leaves oozes creamy nectar that can taste like either vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. Increasing their similarity to a delicious wafer cookie snack with cream. Waflotuses also grow large and beautiful lotus flowers with a pink coloration. Waflotuses appear to grow in an isolated and elevated lake deep within a barren mountain range.


The habitat of the Waflotuses.

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