Wagon fullbody
Japanese ワゴン
Romanized Wagon
English Wagon
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday April 15th
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Shokurin icon Shokurin Temple
Chin Chinchin
Occupation Assistant Master of Shokurin Temple
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 186
Anime Episode 107
Japanese Kawada Shinji
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Wagon (ワゴン) was one of the Assistant Masters of Shokurin Temple and a master of Food Honor prior to his death at the hands of the temple's traitorous former ally, chef Chiyo.


Wagon was a muscular, tall middle aged man with long black hair that goes down his back. He wears the same clothes as the other Assistant Masters of the Shokurin Temple. His eyes are always shown to be closed.

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He was a calm and focused individual who maintained his composure even during catastrophic dilemmas. He was also a brave fighter who showed no fear in battle.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Like the other assistant masters, Wagon is an expert in Food Honor and a skilled martial artist. However, Chiyo points out that his form still has many unnecessary movements.[1]

Wagon handling his Nunchuck

Wagon's weapon

He uses Pointed Carving Knife Nunchucks (出刃ヌンチャク Deba Nunchaku), nunchaku with knives at each end.[2]


Bubble Fruit arcEdit

When master Chin Chinchin senses a powerful force heading towards the temple, he orders Shuu to gather together all the assistant masters of the temple to fight off whatever may be coming while he prepares Toriko for his training.

Once, Shuu, Koppowo, and Wagon come together, they see none other than their former comrade and fellow assistant master, Chiyo, heading towards the temple atop a giant mutilated bird while being accompanied by a hideous monster and an unknown chef.[3]


Wagon's grisly demise.

Chiyo, revealing herself to now be a member of the Gourmet Corp., unleashes a powerful aura of intimidation filled with bloodlust, demanding to know where master Chin is, however Wagon is not phased by her threats and brings out his weapon to battle her. She quickly warns him that he still has too many useless movements which he simply laughs off as he claims that his mastery of food honor has left him with no useless movements and quickly urges her to show him her skills, but much to everyone's shock and horror she reveals that she had done so long ago, Wagon then looks down to realize that his entire midsection, skin, flesh, organs and all have been completely cut out, leaving nothing but bone. He then begins to fall, commenting that the attack was so delicate he would've never noticed that he was already dead. Wagon then died a horrific yet painless death at the hands of the now twisted former chef.[4]

It's like if I hadn't recognized it just then... I could have lived a little longer... That's how it feels...

—Wagon in his final moments.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

Wagon's death

Wagon's death in the anime.

In the manga, when Wagon is killed by Chiyo, his shadow reflects the current state of his body before falling to the ground and dying. In the anime, the shadow is replaced with a crater in the shape of Wagon's silhouette created by Chiyo's attack.


  • His and Koppowo's clothing does not follow the traditional red color etiquette of Shokurin Temple like the other Assistant Masters and trainees. The reason for this is not stated.
  • His voice actor also voices Johannes and Wabutora.


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