Wak Continent
Japanese ワック大陸
Romanized Wakku Tairiku
Location Human World
Affiliation Sand Kingdom
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 129
Anime Episode 61
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The Wak Continent (ワック大陸, Wakku Tairiku) is located just northeast of Northern Wul Continent. It is connected to Area 4 via the treacherous Three Way Road, a small strip of rocky land that acts as a bridge for many dangerous beasts from Gourmet World to enter the Human World.

Aside from the Three Way Road, the Wak Continent is also well known for its famous Sand Garden, a desert kingdom filled with gourmet deserts and one of the "Seven Gourmet Wonders", the Gourmet Pyramid.


The entirety of the Wak Continent's terrain has not been seen, however the Human World half is mostly made up of deserts and rocky wastelands, with deserts larger than 39,000,000 Sq. Kilometers in size. The Gourmet World half is mostly unknown, as only the Three Way Road which connects both halves is all that is seen of it.






The Sand Kingdom within Sand Garden is the only known civilization on the Wak Continent, and the people here have accustomed themselves to life in the desert, although wars in the past greatly effected their economy and way of life before Zebra's release put a stop to the war and brought peace to the people.

Many centuries ago, there was also a Nitro civilization in Sand Garden which prospered greatly although humans were either kept as slaves or cattle by the denizens who themselves were either servants or slaves of the Gourmet Nobility. Over time, this civilization fell and was buried by the desert sands, leaving behind only the surface of one building which would become the Gourmet Pyramid.

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