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Japanese ウォールペンギン
Romanized Uōrupengin
English Wall Penguin
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Type Bird
Capture Level 30
Length 30m
Weight 28t
Price Not a preferred foodstuff, but their saliva is said to make a fine broth.
Habitat Ice Hell
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Child: Gourmet 74
Adult: Gourmet 77
Anime Child: Episode 28
Adult: Episode 29
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Wall Penguins (ウォールペンギン Uōrupengin) are an endangered species of penguins found in the frozen continent of Ice Hell. Komatsu keeps a child as a pet after its parents are slaughtered by Tommyrod. Due to their close proximity with the Century Soup over the centuries, it is theorized that the taste has permeated into their bodies, thereby making the penguins' saliva a key ingredient in Komatsu's soup. Komatsu is able to complete his version of the Century Soup with saliva from the baby Wall Penguin.


They are born with light pink fur with a darker pink spot on their bellies that eventually gives way to a lustrous white and blue coat as it ages.


Its endangered status is due to the fact that the babies are very trusting and willingly walk up to any living creature, even carnivorous ones.

The Wall Penguins are show to be good parents as they give tender care to their offsprings such as feeding them small fish that are hard to catch for them, going to great length to find their lost child, and playing with their child to make them happy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Wall Penguins have formidable strength that can break through thick ice with ease, and they can be quite dangerous if angered. In the anime, a baby can scare a Surprise Apple up to level 25.

They also have formidable tracking powers as the parent Wall Penguins are able to find their lost child despite there being many disadvantages, such as the distance, the intense cold which reduces visibility and smell, and the size of their child; even their babies appear to have this ability, as the child penguin is able to find Komatsu quickly after its parents die. The adults also show great eyesight and hearing capabilities as they detect their baby who is about one hundredth of their size and is far away from them.

As penguins, they have immense resistance to the cold as they have no problem being active in the freezing weather. Their babies are also equally protected as well, as they do not suffer any of the effects of the frigid area. The children can also handle normal temperatures as Yun has no problem surviving outside in warm environments (in the anime Yun also handled summer time condition without any discomfort).

The babies have the abilities to fly in short bursts as shown by Yun in the Cooking Festival, so it is possible that adults can do the same.

They can create Rest Rooms, with their bellies acting as the door.


  • A baby Wall Penguin
  • A Wall Penguin in the manga
  • Wall Penguins on a trading card
  • Wall Penguins killed by Butterfly Worm
  • Wall Penguins with their child
  • Wall Penguins with their child
  • Wall Penguins with their child
  • Wall Penguin Sticker from ver.3


  • The adult penguins ranked 22th in the first Popularity Poll with 35 votes.

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