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Warner Shark Eps 53
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Japanese ワーナーシャーク
Romanized Wānāshāku
English Warner Shark
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Type Fish
Capture Level 53
55 (anime)
Length 22m
Weight 90t
Price meat too tough for consumption, but one tooth sells for 4 million yen
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Most oceans
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 116
Anime Episode 53
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The Warner Shark (ワーナーシャーク Wānāshāku) is an immense shark studded with spines and sharp, sturdy teeth. It has a ferocious disposition and will attack indiscriminately. Its razor-sharp teeth fetch a high price as raw material for hard-ware and jewelry. Because they constantly attack ships, Warner Sharks are also known as the "Grim Reaper of the Sea" and are dreaded by all who depend on the ocean for living.


It is a giant shark over 22 meters in length with a dark grey hide and very large incisors which grow from its even larger white gums, which are so large they can barely fit in its mouth. It has several small spikes growing around its neck and other parts around its body although it is unknown what purpose they serve. It also has beady little black eyes.


Its great jaw power combined with its sharp teeth make it a fierce predator capable of biting through almost any foe with absolute ease and tearing limbs off without effort.


Using their teeth, Melk the Second forges sharp, high-class kitchen knives known as Sentoku Knives, boasting unequaled strength and sharpness to other knives.


  • Warner Shark (full view)
  • Warner Shark (manga)
  • |Warner Shark trading card
  • Warner Shark sticker from Appearance Zebra Arc


  • In the manga chapter, it was introduced as Capture Level 55, but later was corrected in the volume version as Capture Level 53.
    • The anime however kept the Capture Level as 55.

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